100 Days

100 times the school bell rang. 97 times we showed up on time. 100 stickers bought at a late shop to CVS. 100 times he counted on his own as he stuck on each sticker in an organized form only known to him.   100 googly-eyed donuts and smiley faces. 100 times I repressed, heated, […]


  Hello 2019. Hello, y’all.   I took a slow and relaxed start to the beginning of the year. I spent the two weeks before Christmas on everyone else’s schedule, then the week between Christmas and New Years with my brother staying at our house. So it was until New Years Day when the dust […]

Monday, Monday

For some reason my eldest wanted to go to school early today. He used to be dropped off last year at the earliest I could get him there so I could rush off to my ‘internship/temp job’ in Palm Desert, about an hour away. I would rush out the door, rush him off to hot […]

A story about my hair

This is the story of how I dyed my hair. Well, this is the story of how a hair stylist dyed my hair. This is the story of how I got rainbow sherbet hair. I am sitting right now typing this on my phone while my autumnal sunset hair blows in the wind. This is […]