Karma lesson

My bank recently put in two drive-thru ATM machines on one wall.

It’s actually pretty genius, since most people seem to just pull up for some quick cash and keep going.

A couple of weeks ago, we were in the car on a blistering hot day finishing the last of some afternoon errands.

Wonder Boy was jammin’ along to Inside Riot with me when we pulled into my ever-lucky left side teller machines. Both cars started to move at the same time and cheered inside with my luck, since all of the vents in the car point back on the boys and  was feeling sweaty.

However, the SUV in front of my pulled up to the first and stopped.


I honked. I yelled something to her through the closed windows of my car and made dagger eyes as hard as I could.

The woman inside of it got out, looked at me, and then took the one step over to the teller window and proceeded to do a month’s worth of banking.Over her frizzy hair, I could see the sad lonely machine waiting for someone to come use it.

I was livid.

I took a deep breath, and looked back at Wonder Boy.

“Hey buddy,” I said. “I am SO frustrated. She should have pulled up to the first machine so we both could use it. She is being selfish.”

“I’m frustrated too,” he said. He wanted to be home, with  a snack, and better air conditioning.

I have not been handling my stress well lately. I snap easily, I am always tired, and I cry out of frustration more than my son should see. But I try to hold one though close to my heart, even though I am no Buddhist.

“Have I told you about karma, buddy?”

He shook his head.

“Well, we could be mad, and yell, and say bad things because we are frustrated she isn’t using the teller right and now we have to wait. But, instead, lets think good thoughts. See, buddy, when you think good things and do good things, good energy will be around you. If you’re bad and mean, you will have bad things around you.”

I looked over at his sleeping baby brother, cheeks pinkish with the heat of the day, snoring peacefully.

“See? He can take a nice long nap. We can listen to Uncle David’s new CD some more and you can rock out in the back seat with your air guitar some more. We can sit and talk together and spend time together.”

“Yay!” he cheered.


As hard as it is some days, I try to point out the positive. Yesterday I had a hard day, feeling left out, defeated and failing. The dollars are definitely flying out faster than they are in.

Yesterday I also signed up for a course in college.

It’s hard, really hard, to focus on the positives some days, to hear beyond what my own head is screaming in my ears.

Living with grace in moments where you can do nothing about it, or when you feel you are swimming upstream, is SO hard. But worth it.

And starting my own kids down the road of focusing on the positive in moments when your frustration bubbles over like rice in a pot, is something else i can put on my imaginary shelf of accomplishments, to dust off and admire when I need most.


Time to start prepping already?


Disclaimer: I received product to review. No other compensation was given. All opinions are my own.

Wonder Boy starts school in three weeks.

His first day of kindergarten.

I mean really.

The short summer vacation is almost over already and we never hit stride. We still haven’t made it to the beach as a family, Or any of the other fun stuff we’ve done before.

I’ve been really stressed lately as I fight behind the scenes pulling together the income I can while trying to keep up with my biggest job of taking care of the family, and watching the house turn into a chaotic mess.


It takes repeating some days, but I want to remind you too, you are doing a good job.

Courtesy of: Kidecals


It’s so hard to prep for the first time at school without knowing what he needs yet,

Luckily, Wonder Boy adores his Lightning McQueen lunch box and backpack he has, so while I fantasize about back to school shopping (I’m going to go back too, you guys!) I know he’s already most of the way prepared for the first day  of school.

The rest of the prep? Trying to eat his meals at mealtime, and practicing working in a workbook, making sure he doesn’t work ahead without us telling him what to do. Being told more than one thing to do, and doing it without forgetting the second thing and starting to play with his Legos instead.

He is my child.



One of the biggest things missing was marking his stuff in case it gets lost, since who knows who will be picking him up some days.

Kidecals came to my rescue with a chance to try out some labels. I surprised Wonder Boy with some rocketship stickers with my phone number on them. They will go on sweatshirts, water bottles, his lunch box and backpack. The one on his lunchbox is the smaller size.

Kidecals has goof stickers for girls and boys, babies and kids, and also some NEAT keyboard stickers,  (I have a crush, y’all.) canning label stickers and more.

Want a code? Oh, OK!

Use Discount code fashion for 15% off an order.

Someone get the floral-print keyboard stickers in my honor, OK?

Rio 2 flies in!

Disclaimer: I received a copy of the DVD  as part of my involvement with FHE Insiders. No other compensation was given, all options are my own.



The cast of the animated hit comedy Rio returns — along with a new flock of all-star voice talent, including Bruno Mars, Kristin Chenoweth, Andy Garcia and more — in this high-flying sequel for the whole family. The party continues when Blu (Oscar® nominee Jesse Eisenberg1), Jewel (Oscar® winner Anne Hathaway2) and their three kids take a walk on the wild side and embark on a colorful, comical, music-filled journey through the Amazon. As Blu tries to fit into his new surroundings, he goes beak-to-beak with the villainous Nigel, and meets the most fearsome adversary of all: his father-in-law!

This DVD is full of extras, including several sing-a-long AND dance-along clips for the whole family to enjoy!

Learn about Brazilian music, see animal auditions and more!

Make movie night even more Rio-themed fun by chopping up some bananas and other fruit, and passing out lemonades before showtime.


And after the movie, keep the conversation going by doing an activity sheet- my favorite choice is the family tree, since Wonder Boy is really into understanding the relationships between him and other members of our family. He loves to point out who is my mom and dad and Mr. Wonder’s moms and dad, and understands Nana is my dad’s mom.



This movie has such amazing songs in it, ones I turn up the music and jam like no one’s in the backseat (well, as long as there is no one in the backseat). What’s your favorite?

N7 Creamery

Disclaimer: I was invited to check out N7 Creamery as a guest before their grand opening. All opinions are my own, no compensation was given.


Foodie Baby

Mommy took me to see some people she knows, and I got to goof around with some kids and eat snacks. She let me have a couple bites of a cake with poppy seeds in it, and I cried when she took that away, but I really REALLY liked the strawberry ice cream she hand-fed me.

Well, I mean she used the little wooden spoon and fed me, she won’t let me eat ice cream with my hands.



N7 Creamery has pastries, snacks, decadent coffees an hand-made ice cream all in the Victoria Gardens shopping center.

The location has lofty ceilings and wooden walls, and the large chalkboard menu is easy to read in a crowded room. There is the front area, and a hallway leads to more seating past glass windows looking into the kitchen.


It offers ice cream made with a liquid nitrogen process. Literally, the cream and flavors are mixed in a mixing bowl and the liquid nitrogen freezes it while it churns in the bowl.

I have a couple of these places in my hometown, and ice cream made this way is amazing. We tried four flavors- an orange, a green tea, a salted caramel (Mommy’s favorite) and my Foodie Baby’s favorite, strawberry.  If you order ice cream, be sure to walk around to the side (pictured) and watch the process. Get a little summer chemistry lesson by watching the freezing gas and maybe get a refreshing wave of dry ice on you at the same time.

A tip from Mommy – Going to walk around with it? Consider asking for it to be made extra cold so it won’t melt as fast.

N7 Creamery is working to use fresh local ingredients – I only live a few minutes away from where their strawberries are grown!


I recommend the chocolate three different kids of chocolate chips and a lavender latte (heavenly) for a quick break during shopping errands.  Or for a cool reward at the end of a hot shopping day, definitely a scoop of ice cream – the green tea is great for those who just want something cool and refreshing, while the salted caramel will give you a pat on the back for a job well done.


There are plenty of small table and chair sets, and if it’s not very crowded a stroller fits nicely if you decide to take a break from back-to-school shopping.  There are bathrooms, a family room and changing table are located centrally in the Victoria Gardens complex.


N7 Creamery

7880 Kew Ave.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739
Phone: (855) 677-9338


Peoples is peoples

Some of the wisest words ever spoken on film is also some crazy mixed-up and broken English.

Pete from Muppets Take Manhattan is the wise restaurant owner with a soft heart and a rat problem.

His sage advice about New York city as a place full of people, rather than the city as a separate entity all of its own, is meant to encourage Kermit, who instead mumbles “Thanks” as he ponders what the heck Pete just said.

I got it, Pete.


Ever heard this speech? What did you think of it?

And what is your ‘potatoes’?