A year in review

My blog is two years old now (way to miss my own blogging anniversary!) although I started blogging before that while I was pregnant with my son, writing for friends and family so they could keep up with the pregnancy and my son.

This is an actual photo of my son at three months. He still has amazing eyes.

This last year, my blog has gone from my tiny little world to the beginnings of an amazing life online.


I learned some fashion tips for a stay-at-home-mom Mondo Guerra and Seth Aaron from Project Runway.

I continued my exploits of writing about taking toddlers out to eat and intigrated it into this blog.

I realized I was neglecting my love of photography (which I feel I still am, but how fun can Photoshop be?)

I learned to remember the good when I am dealing with stress or other negativity,  faced my pain dealing with my son’s cesarean birth and supported other mothers who have had that experience.

This year I found my fashion stride and stepped out in style several times.

I finally, finally dyed my hair in colors and then and found a haircut I’d keep for more than five minutes.

We bought a home.

I danced in a flash mob.

I made a dream come true went to the ‘murder capital of the world’.

I found inspiration and comraderie in other bloggers at BlogHer ’11 and started a group to keep making new blogging friends and keep the ones I had just made.

I wrote about my love for unicorns, and started contributing for The Trend Tribe and Moms LA

I got paid to write, got featured on BlogHer and got a Blogma.

I’m sure I forgot something.

So here is a toast (mine’s coffee) to a great 2011, and a great 2012 for everyone!

All my love,


3 thoughts on “A year in review

  1. Jamie

    I’m loving all the positivity that happened in the last year of your life, and it’s fun to share those good things! Saying good bye to 2011 and welcoming a new year ahead!! *cheers* Holds up Orange Juice


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