I went to the ‘Murder Capital of the World’ and all I got was a mug.

Not really.

But really, I went there.

I spent the weeks before vacation asking my husband, ‘Do you want to do this? Do you want to do that?’

And he always answered, ‘I don’t care.’

What happens when my husband gives me full control of vacation?

A long drive up the coast, nausea from the tiny winding road, and this.

Yes. That is me.

That is an actual comic book prop, “Vampires Everywhere” from the movie ‘The Lost Boys’. And that is a shirt I made for viral marketing participation for the dorky second movie that no one saw.

That I own on Blu-ray.

I also own the third one on Blu-ray. Try that one first. I mean second. After the original The Lost Boys. And find the little mini comic book series that goes after the first movie too. It’ll clear things right up. Or email me, I’ll tell you what goes on.

I have already mentioned my passion for the cult 80′s film starring a hot Kiefer Sutherland before on this blog. It’s not a secret among my friends, who know I have several versions of the song ‘Cry Little Sister’ on iTunes and were treated to a viewing for my birthday last year along with Chinese food and red drinks.

So when he acquiesced to an extra day in Santa Cruz, which played Santa Carla (the murder capital of the world, mostly because of the vampires)in the movie, I got really, really excited.

And started planning.

And geeking out.

And I dug up the right shirt from the safe place I had put it to wear on the day of my “The Lost Boys Tour”. Yes, I had a certain shirt I wanted to wear. It’s OK, keep reading.

First stop was the Atlantis Fantasyworld comic book shop. The original shop, which was the filming location for the comic book shop the Frog Brothers ran, was damaged by an earthquake.

The shop took a few laps of the one-way streets in downtown Santa Cruz, and after a quick stop at the other comic book shop downtown and some geeky commentary from me, we found it.

Look. There’s the comic on the wall, next to a pic of Sam and the Frog Brothers, aka Jamison Newlander, Corey Haim and Corey Feldman.

They also have a Daily Bugle from the first Spiderman movie. I don’t know if you cared.

Joe, the owner, was clad in a Hawaiian shirt. When I told him about my day planned on a ‘The Lost Boys Tour’ of my own planning he simply smiled and said “Of course you are.” I guess it was the shirt.

Then I got to take my picture with said comic book. My husband agreed and I posed for 2 photos with “Vampires Everywhere” with Joe while talking our trip and Wonder Boy, who mugged from his stroller and happily accepted a free comic book.

Check one of my ‘Lost Boys Tour’ done.

Did you know Edgar and Alan Frog were named after Edgar Allen Poe?


And that shirt was actually a happy mistake. It’s just an iron on printed with some of that paper for your printer, which I then sucked at. So it looks old, but by a happy accident. See my other post for my cool rainbow shirt that I wore to an LA screening, met Corey Feldman in and then it promptly died of shock. Or being a cheap shirt to begin with.

We stepped into a shop so I could pick up my ‘Keep Santa Cruz Weird’ mug and planned our next step, checking out the local wildlife of homeless, bums and eccentrics. All downtown.

I dug this guys guitar and snuck in for a quick shot. I thought it was a good view of the life- it seemed a lot of the bums were happy with their life. His guitar was pristine, although he wasn’t.

Couldn’t figure out what he was singing, though.

After getting good directions from Joe, I set my poor men on a wild escapade for part two of ‘The Lost Boys Tour’. What I thought would be a short walk from the road turned into a 1-mile hike up a paved road to see the Pogonip clubhouse, AKA Grandpa’s house in the movie.

We walked and walked, Wonder Boy cheerily running away at every chance, picking flowers and trying to go downhill.

If only both ways went downhill, kid.

The view was worth it.

The lone palm tree shooting out of the forest of oak and whatever else grows in Santa Cruz was a beacon guiding us (and the paved road. I walked it wondering how many toasted upper-class people left parties at the clubhouse in its heyday.)


The Pogonip is now fenced in to keep homeless out of it. I spent the entire time up at the clubhouse looking over my shoulder. I totally felt like I was being watched.

Probably by some bum.

Still feeling like I was being watched, we left and started the long walk downhill, aided by gravity, until Wonder Boy hell and skidded on the asphalt drive.

Nothing makes for good vacation photos like facial road rash and skinned knees.

And photo ops with McDonald’s nuggets.

After lunch and a nap we hit the final leg of the tour. The boardwalk.

The boardwalk is where many scenes of the movie takes place, where the Lost Boys hang out, finding prey, riding motorcycles.

Being young and living forever.

With mullets.

I rode the Giant Dipper roller coaster while Mr. Wonder and Wonder Boy walked around and people-watched.

First row, baby. I fought for that seat.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have the pictures going or I would have had the perfect keychain to go on my new house keys.

This was the only way Wonder Boy would stay still for a photo.

If you know the movie, you know what this is. I didn’t think it was real. too funny.

Walking the boardwalk was a blast. I could stand remember scenes that were filmed right there. I saw Star and Michael walking around in my mind.

My favorite part of the boardwalk was when Wonder Boy and I rode the carousel. That was a two-time treat for me. I love carousels like my mom loves them, and the 1911 Looff Carousel was celebrating its centennial this year.

Wonder Boy didn’t want to ride a horse so we rode in on the bench. Getting back to ‘The lost Boys Tour’, the bench is where the first lines of dialogue in the movie are, between the vampire gang and a couple riding the carousel. So we sat in the cool seat.

I always wondered whose idea it was to ride the carousel for that couple. I mean, it’s a carousel, and they aren’t the carousel-looking type. Like they showed good judgement in other parts of the movie anyway.

And look see? Road rash. Don’t worry, it was gone in a couple of days.

The carousel was amazing, at least for me. For a few minutes the outside world was a blur and my reality was my son and I on a bench seat peppered with flashes of my husband The outside riders could grab brass and chuck them at a big clown with a big mouth.

After that, we had some dinner between the boardwalk and the wharf at a little restaurant on the beach.

Just talking, keeping Wonder Boy from eating the crayons and watching the sun go down while eating salad and clam chowder.

The lights on the boardwalk turned on, the ocean roared a little louder, and the air grew cold.

I had a great day, just exploring, with my husband and my son.

I had filled a dream, and been to where one of my favorite movies was filmed.

Honestly, it was one of the best days of my life.

How geeky is that?