For years I have been bouncing around, fluttering from one shiny object to another. part of it was reinventing myself, part of it was dissatisfaction with something, part of it was just my inability to keep up my passion for it for a long period of time.

I’ve noticed it, my impulsiveness to jump into something, my loss of interest in a short while.

So this year, instead of a little list taped on a wall, I narrowed down my action while working to make complete changes in my life.

This year, I want to slow down and focus on… well, everything.

I will FOCUS.

I want to focus on what I eat, when I eat. To understand why I’m reaching for more caffeine and drink the glass of water instead, the one I am always shoving at my son instead of his beloved sweetened green tea. To focus on the food I made, to make it more healthful and to plan ahead meals better.

I want to focus on where everything is. I have a new house full of both empty spaces and cluttered closets. I want to organize all the papers I have needed, to put the bills away so they get paid, to find a way to organize all of the craft supplies I have so I can use them up.

I want to focus on my writing. I’ve talked about my feelings about my priorities and my writing here before at Sunshine Wonderland. I’m trying to bring it to a priority, right up there with home and family. I want to be successful at it, and if I focus more attention on it, then hopefully more attention will focus on me.

There is a fourth part, one that is just for me- focusing on the world through my camera lens. There was a time where photos were my passion- the thrill of the hunt for the one photo to tell the story. And it has a home here on the blog as well, if I focus on my life through the lens of a camera again.

That, and I need more yellow things in my life.


15 thoughts on “Focus

  1. Jamie

    These are great goals! Geez, they are so good I’m stealing them ;-) I actually need to do the same things especially the “drink more water” part!

    1. Mrs. Wonder

      hello! And I love your name, because it was my maternal grandmother’s name! We share the same middle name, Clarice

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