A special girl for a day

My poor dog.

Her cute clothes stay in a bin near her bed, day after day, only warm jammies getting pulled out for the colder nights since her spot for the night is close to the cold garage door.

Gone for Daisy are the days of joyous rides to nowhere, jumping in the car to deposit a check then celebrating with a Starbucks drink for me and a small cup of whipped cream for her.

I used to take my dog places all of the time. A walk around the outdoor mall. The dog park. Pushed in a stroller around car shows.

Then came this baby, a little crying thing she welcomed joyously, running past me to greet Mr. Wonder carrying the baby carrier, excited and instantly in love.

Then she realized that this baby was in her lap, took up some of her spot in our hearts.

This used to be a regular occurrence in my lap. And as my son grew, whoever got there first tried to claim the territory exclusively, but often was forced to share.

But even as she dropped her head as we left the house again without her, she still loved him.

Lately, she’s had a really hard time, left alone as we dashed off to appointments, errands, grocery runs and lunch out.

Occasionally, she does get the surprise trip to go to McDonald’s with someone for Sunday breakfast, but that and trips to the vet and to get dog food just aren’t enough.

And it’s been showing - big brown eyes looking down at the floor, cries after the doors close behind us and peeing on his rugs and even once in his bed.

I could just hear her sad little thoughts about how he had replaced her, her heart heavy. It’s a challenge to love on a dog enough with a toddler occupying most of your conscious thoughts. Even though he is older and loves to help feed her, walk her and play with her, she still craves being the center of attention and tends to fight for our attention.

It’s hard telling a chihuahua who was the only child you still love them. So today we showed her.

A quick grab of the leash and we three were were off on the car.

A suprise trip to the vet just to get weighed and have a nurse compliment how well she walked with my son holding the leash. The promise of cookies as we walked through PetCo’s doors.

Then in the blink of an eye she was whisked away, indulging in a strawberry milk bath and grooming, complete with doting groomer.

My son was napping when she was finished, so my mom picked her up and she ended up at my mom’s florist work for a little while snacking on pastrami, getting a ride in someone else’s car and being loved, doted on and carried around.

She was in heaven, reportedly powered by wagging tail alone as she enjoyed the love and attention.

When she came home she was a new dog head to foot, a sweet fragrance following her as she pranced around the house, enjoying the cookies picked out by Wonder Boy.

Of course, her fun day wasn’t complete without a good nap.


12 thoughts on “A special girl for a day

  1. Jamie

    Well, you know…not a dog person. But any animal smelling like strawberries is a welcome change from poop and saliva (the same goes for babies and small children)…

  2. natalie

    ha they are our first babies!! mine though would shutter at the thought of a day spa! he would rather take a nap in our lap!!

    1. Mrs. Wonder

      Blond Duck- hello! I am really lucky and have a friendly one. It really is making sure they still get a lot of attention. My mom would come over and make sure to hold Daisy for a while so she felt loved ;)


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