It’s in the bag

Purses. One of man’s great mysteries and one of women’s greatest assets.

How else would we cart around all of our belongings?

I’ve seen this type of post come and go, but had never done one.

Granted, my stuff isn’t that cool or entertaining, but heck, it’s what I got in my bad.


First, my awesome purse I snagged on sale at Shop Suey here in town.


It has several pockets with zippers, so much that I have forgotten where I stashed something, panicked, and then I open up that pocket last.

Several times.


All of my stuff.









Just kidding.


This is what I call my survival gear- some kind of breath freshener, lip balm, and soap leaves.

I never remember I have soap leaves so they just sit there for hygienic emergencies, like the zombie apocalypse.

I will have clean hands at least as I try not to be eaten -maybe they don’t like the taste of soap? (I know they don’t go for brains, so it’s fine that mine is a little dirty at times.)


I have a toddler. Target wipes, a diaper, a bottle of bubbles from a birthday party we went to yesterday and a cap from a food pouch.

Excellent way to get spinach in a kid, especially when they have a sore throat.


I guess this would be my blogging corner- business cards in an inspirational card holder and an abundance blessing ring from Whitney Howard Designs (which just became SoCal Lady Bloggers’ first sponsor! Check out our announcement here and their site here).


This is all in that makeup bag. I have since cleared out two of those lip glosses because I really don’t wear them that much.

And yes that is an iPhone guide in my bag. I’ve only had it a few days, alright?

And also, I know it’s not just makeup but my bag turns into a bottomless pit, especially when the iPad is in it, so I have to create order so I can find things without dumping them on the floor.

In other news, I sound like a crazy Apple fan now, especially since I shot the pictures on the phone as well.

Does it count I’m typing this on a PC?


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