Spin a little slower

For the last few weeks it seemed my world was spinning just a little too fast.

Errands to be run, bills to be paid, dinner to be cooked, playdates, more errands, sickness, grocery shopping and more bills to be paid and chances to go meet other bloggers and butterflies and drives and everything.

Deadlines almost not met.

Opportunities missed.

Laundry still sitting in the hamper.

4 o’clock and dinner not even thought of.

This last week was the crazy spinning finale for me.

Almost two months of weekends lost as family moved slowly from their forever home to another, temporary one. We had planned a barbecue a month before so friends could come up and visit, and this was the weekend the final move was decided on.

I  was already stressing- life flying everywhere meant my list was a mile long and my car littered with snacks and french fry bags as my son and I had daily excursions to multiple errands.

Then I cracked a little.

And I got called out on a promise I had made that had been trampled by all of the running back and forth. The laundry forgotten, the car full of receipts, dishes piled up and the entire house a playroom again.

And people were coming over, the ultimate reason to bust out the mop.

So I had to quit something.

I took a mini break from social media (except the Instagram. Hard habit to quit cold turkey).

I moved like crazy for three days, running errands in the morning and cleaning in the afternoon and evening, doing all of the little things that had slipped through the cracks, laying awake at night thinking about the upcoming weekend and someone saying goodbye to a childhood home.

We survived our crazy weekend, friends coming at the appointed hour only to find me still running like crazy setting up barbecue stuff because my husband was hours late from packing trucks and driving them to the next town over.

It became a lovely, fun group effort and my husband came home to freshly made dinner and black cherry- vanilla Jell-O shots.

The day after, one final moving push and myself finally getting what I wanted and a half-bed of plants finally at my doorstep.

So here I am at Monday.

Another list is in front of me as I try to catch up on life.

Another day I will turn off the computer and hide my phone and try to do it without talking to my little online world. I miss it.

I will find my balance again, just like the washing machine that pauses to re-balance the load before spinning like crazy again.

I just have to focus away from the computer screen right now.

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