Devil Beside You

Watching clips of a Cinderella anime on Youtube one sleepless night, I got brought back to a week a few years ago where I sat up way too late every night before substitute teaching to watch episodes of a show called Devil Besides You.

I can’t remember how I got hooked on it in the first place. Probably searching for Sailor Moon fan vids, the same way I came across the band Within Temptation.


I thought it was cute how the tradition is to show a drama all in one year- the 20 episodes of Devil Beside You aired all in one year then a new show premiered the next season.

I also loved the cute expressions, the overplayed expressions, the adorable hairstyles and the mismatched earrings.

I remembered getting sucked in trying to see how they would end up together even though they were becoming (plot spoiler) step siblings.

it makes me want to have cute shows like this here in the States (I don’t think the Disney and Teen Nick, even though I see them a lot, don’t compare).

The Internet is a huge, amazing place. You really can find anything by just clicking, then clicking, then clicking.

So tell me, what was the last random thing you found and loved online?

So anyway, here is the first part of Devil Beside You.


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