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Today I’m actually trying to do the prompt Fadra offered…

Today’s (Optional) Writing Prompt: What is going home like for you? Do you still live in your same hometown? What kind of memories do you have associated with the place you grew up?

I live three blocks from where I grew up.  Like, where I grew up, moved into the house next door after my grandmother who lived there died, got marired and continued living next to my parents.

I lived with or next door to my parents for almost 32 years.

My younger cousin moved away to oregon with her family when I was in high school. My uncle soon followed by way of San Fransisco and my brother went to college is San Diego and will never come back.

My little town has changed a lot since I small, and it;s hard to see it from the eyes of someone who wasn’t raised like I was, the seventh generation to live in the area consecutively.

It’s true- a hall in our local county museum is named after those relatives.

So I was raised with a healthy knowledge of my town- stories about the lady who started the etiquette classes I went though in high school, as family tradition.

I know where the biggest business in Redlands started- because my dad was one of it’s first employees.

I know what the older buildings looked like before, what housed them, who ran them and occasionally I still run into those people and struggle to place them as my grandmother or parents greet them.

I wish I could run off and start a new life someonewhere else, yet I am comfortable with this one and feel obligated as well.

In the tradition of my parents, we are the family that stays close to the older generation- my parents and grandma for my side, and we with the only grandchild. My husband’s side we are the only children on the west coast that associate with them (besides friends ‘adopted’ as children).

Have you stayed in your hometown or did you move away?

8 thoughts on “Hometown SOC

  1. Jadzia@Toddlerisms

    What a wonderful story! That kind of rootedness was always a fantasy of mine–my parents moved every single year, so I don’t really have a “hometown” in the sense of there being a single place associated with childhood, family, friends, and growing up. My husband does go back to his little village regularly, but it’s one of those places that people leave when they finish high school, so it’s not really the same for him.
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  2. Xenia

    I grew up on the island of Guam till I was 11 and my parents moved us to Long Beach, CA. It was culture shock and I missed our huge family and gatherings so I think it’s amazing you still have that. We have visited Long Beach here and there for shopping and I’m surprised at how much it continues to grow with businesses and houses.

    My family moved to Whittier in my 20s and then sold their house in my 30s and are now near Houston, TX. I miss them a lot and wish my parents were around for my sons! But it’s kinda neat visiting over there. EXCEPT FOR THE HEAT!
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  3. Cathy Kerr

    I think that is really amazing living in the same neighborhood for last 32 years!!!

    I have been traveling since my childhood as father switched the job, and he was a farm equipment salesman, Whenever he switched the job, we moved to another town.. Now my husband is in media, travels a lot.. I accompany him to most of the places..!
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    1. mrswonder Post author

      My mom, except for a short time early in her marriage has lived on the same street all her life.


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