Where it all goes

Everyone has one of those spots.

The spots where things get dumped, piled up on, left, lost or whatever.

I clean it and it is full again a day later.

And even though I blame it on everyone else, I’ve put a couple things there too.

For my husband and I it is a high ledge framing our kitchen.

It’s out of Wonder Boy’s reach.

It’s convenient and at eye level and we walk past it all of the time.

It’s cluttered and full in no time.

Seriously, anything that is used daily ends up here.


In this picture I see:

  •  that toy that my son got with tickets from the local pizza place that he unwinds and then asks for it to be fixed 18 times a day.
  • My husband’s expensive sunglasses he doesn’t like Wonder Boy to touch. That is why I get target ones because no matter what he gets a hold of his shades and then we have to save them before he snaps them like me beloved coral pair from Target.
  • That roll of duct tape that is my mom’s.
  • A note card envelope.
  • One of my son’s picture books that I tried to fix with tape and glue and left there to dry but it’s still not fixed so it just sits there
  • A prescription bottle from Target. I feel like I am cheating going there but the local one closed and this is way easier.
  • Actually, I’m not sure what that is.
  • A giant plastic bowl that looks like those glass punch bowls my in-law gave to us when they moved out of their home. Wonder Boy likes to drive toy cars in it. Right now it’s currently holding sprinkler plans for the backyard, my son’s Angels baseball cap and a schedule for our local minor league baseball team (Angels affiliated).

You know what’s sad? That’s only part of the counter. I also have going on that long frame with some baby pictures of Wonder Boy, chalk from IKEA, a stupid McDonald’s toy that I hate (I picked out the girl toy last time so he could get something else besides spy gear. Yes, we’ve been there a couple times lately) earrings, my son’s Redskins piggy bank… ugh.

And this is going beyond the chaos that covers the dining room table, which is in full-bloomed disarray right now.


It’s not like Pinterest-found chalkboard-painted containers or mason jars can fix this.

Do you have one space in your house that houses all of the random things? Where?

And please ignore the gross grout- I hate it too.

3 thoughts on “Where it all goes

  1. Katy

    Ours is this decorative plate on the kitchen counter. It’s now become the “dumping ground” for small things when we walk in the door. Guaranteed to find my fiance’s wallet, mints there any time of the day.
    Katy recently posted..Sunset cocktails in BaliMy Profile


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