Engine oil in the blood


I love to watch Wonder Boy with Mr. Wonder.
Seeing a relationship different than ours- one more playful but with a touch of idolization- help me see what is different and special in my bond with my son.
Yesterday we had to swing by my husband’s work and Wonder Boy asked hopefully,” Get out?”
Usually when we go by Mr. Wonder’s work we drop off a lunch or something to drink and converse through an open car window, fist bumps and all before we head off home.
Yesterday we did part of the tour- the office, his work bay, the sales counter where Wonder Boy vrooms around the model cars they use as business card holders.
He holds ‘Daddy’s Work’ with high reverence and loves standing among the mechanics or looking at what cars they are working on.
And while both my husband and I want the best and wonder what his future passions may be, we know his heart already races faster with the sound of an engine running or a classic driving beside us on the road.
Like father, like son.
Engine oil in the blood.
We bought a 64 El Camino with the intentions of fixing it up, and eventually it becoming Wonder Boy’s.
Without us telling him, he began calling it ‘his truck’ and I have had to explain it to other people who didn’t understand his truck at home was more than a Matchbox car.
He loves to sit in it while Daddy works on the wiring, hands 10 and 2, cruising the world in his mind.
Just thinking about fixing cars revs up his heartbeat and be happily tinkers with plastic trucks turned over in his room, fixes a pretend flat as he runs around the house.
He’s already learning the lingo, and when he gets bigger he will start learning how to use the tools.
Just like Daddy.

One thought on “Engine oil in the blood

  1. Maribel Reyes

    I also love seeing the bond my children have with my husband. It is so different than with me, our son also has a special bond with his dad. It is a bond that is different in so many ways, he’s only 2 but he can already tell when it is time for dad to come home from work. He already knows that at that time when the door opens it’s dad and it’s time to play cars, trains and planes.


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