Dreaming my destiny- a zombie hell

Last night I saw this pin of The Bloggess’ and instantly had an opinion.

 Then I looked down and saw that half of the people had the same opinion.

Along the lines of “Gee, thanks, I’m doomed”.

Pins like this are everywhere on Pinterest.


Some people even have whole boards dedicated to little motivational sayings.

I have a few pins myself- something that has really spoken to me in a certain moment.

This? Was meant for someone who is hopeful about something.

Do they dream about it? Maybe. waking up with a smile, seeing themself in a slightly different reality where they are happy.

I don’t have beautiful dreams like that.

If I did, I would still be dreaming about being on assignment for National Geographic, days without showering and stopping to snap a beautiful flower on my way to find some elephants or something.

These days I mostly Instagram my son, but I am still capturing life.

Just in a playground jungle.

Anyway- so back to that reoccurring dream.

The most reoccurring dreams I have involve zombies. Yes, I understand they are not real… at least yet. (seriously, google that stuff. You can even start here on my own blog for zombie info.

It’s dreams where they are in the backyard and I can’t get to the gun safe.

Oh yeah, the one that I don’t have the code for.

Oh yeah, the bullets are not even close to the gun safe. Therefore gun= beating stick.

The dreams where they are in the house and my son and I are in the attic waiting for our eminent doom.

The one where no one sees the ‘help’ written on the deck and we all die, my son vainly hiding in the closet.

The one where I am pregnant and get bitten and forced to leave my family for their safety.

I have a lot of jacked up dreams.

I blame hormones and stress for them- they come and go depending on my life at the moment.

Sure, there is better things to dream about -unicorns, Paris or a good night’s sleep- but the one thing that keeps coming back is the zombies.

When I was younger I figured out how to slow down my bad dreams and change the outcome.

 The dinosaurs chasing me? Just in time they were locked out of the room and I was safe.

I found my way out of the forest.

You get the picture.

I haven’t figured out how to do that with zombie dreams. Because in the movies they usually win, a small group of people against tens of thousands.

I stopped watching The Walking Dead because of the zombie dreams and it’s been a long time since I have watched anything besides Romero’s Night of the Living Dead- the one where people actually win even though it has a jacked up ending.

Still, I have the stupid dreams.

Anyway, so here is a little bit of my own personal crazy.

Do you have reoccurring dreams? What are they about?

Hopefully they’re good ones.

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