Merry Christmas with Big Bang Boom

In our mobile concert hall, AKA the car, we’ve had a variety of Christmas music playing. My son’s passion right now is singing “Jingle Bells” so I find copies of it and play it for him to sing along with.

This year he is really excited for the man in the big red suit, so I am learning about seeing Christmas through a kid’s eyes this year.

We’ve showed our love of Big Bang Boom here before, so I was excited when we heard there was a Christmas release of some original music by the band and leapt to get a copy.

We jammed away as we drove the half hour to a playdate, listening to the five tracks more than once on the way.

My favorite song is the first, a peppy lament about a child who didn’t watch out, apparently cried, pouted and beat up his little sister and Santa just passed him right by- a strong lesson for the little and mischievous.

My son rocked out the most to ‘It’s Christmas Time’, complete with bells and rockin’ drums.

If you are a rock-lovin’ family or just want something fresh to add to your Christmas playlist, I highly suggest giving this album a try.

You can listen to “The Holidays are Here” on the band’s website.

You can by the CD or download the album as an MP3 here on the band’s site and also at CD Baby .

You can follow Big Bang Boom on Facebook


Disclaimer: I recieved a copy of the album to review. No other compensation was given. All opinions are my own.


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