The tastes of holidays and family

This holiday is a flurry of social activity- manis and pedis with my future sister-in-law, a rush of cleaning, bread pudding on a whim for breakfast.
Christmas tomorrow will be a frenzy of cooking and leaning as we host breakfast for 14- something we are blessed to be able to do in our home.
Tonight chili and tamales will reign, and ham for Christmas dinner, awaited after a day of snacking on cookies and cheese while watching my son demolish my clean house with wrapping paper and new toys.
Special events always involve food, and every holiday and special event I associate with certain foods.
There was always a double batch of cranberry sauce just for me every Thanksgiving, something that I almost missed out on due to my morning sickness.
After Valentine’s Day the annual competition between my brother and I to find the first Cadbury’s in the store.
I grew up going to the same Thai food restaurant for family events.
Birthdays, holidays, visiting relatives, all of those included jackfruit, green tea or purple yam ice cream, yellow curry and chopsticks to entertain us while the adults talked.
Now I the one that helps a little one with their food, and already he holds a pair of chopsticks rubber banded together trying to pick up hunks of rice ad chicken.
Last night we took over our favorite restaurant and, while I sipped on a couple ounces of red wine my son made his way around the table, maneuvering around wary waiters who are used to his social butterfly tendencies.
He gets away with more than I ever did.
Even just having my brother and his fiancé in my house has made a huge focus on food- planning ahead for breakfast options, beverages, snacks for afternoons that may mean visitors.
And that bread pudding.

6 thoughts on “The tastes of holidays and family

  1. Ann

    You had me at bread pudding for breakfast! That and the mention of tamales; I’m off to find some for lunch right now! Merry Christmas!


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