My rock

My rock is the father to two beautiful sons.


Almost two weeks ago we walked in to the hospital, up the elevator and down the hall, where a cheery nurse greeted us and asked if I was ready.

I cried.

Months worth of hidden anxiety about another cesarean bubbled over for me, while he had been keeping his own worries private.

He kept me steady and we had our son together- a team effort.

I worked to have this time be a different experience and it was, save for the same steady hands that were always with me, holding mine, snapping away at ridiculous moments and at the brightest ones too.

Last time the one picture from the operating room is a blur of baby before he was taken away- and Mr. Wonder with him.

This time he snapped a picture of my smiling face and our perfect son as he flew into a warm swaddle and over to greet me- the one thing I wanted most out of this birth experience and a proud moment for us both.

He stayed in the hospital the first night, taking a shift holding a needy baby while I got a couple of hours sleep, ice chips and an IV still  keeping me in bed.

The second night I could go it alone so he took Wonder Boy out to dinner and spent special time with his little man, comforting him when he again asked worryingly when I could be home.

He proudly drove us all home, a complete family of four filling our car and everyone’s heart growing a little bit more to accommodate the new addition.

Over the last three and a half years he has shined as a role model and wrestling partner to our Wonder Boy- balancing the act between best buddy and disciplinarian with grace and pride.

Even when Wonder Boy misbehaves he often has to turn his head to hide the smile, because even when our kid is being a pain he is still so proud of him.

I know how much being a father means to him and support him whenever I can- which means looking away when someone helps stock the Hot Wheels collection because it’s a car he also thinks is cool).

It’s a job he takes seriously and one that he embraces fully- even to supporting Wonder Boy’s little friends when they are over and leap on him as fast as Wonder Boy does.

Happy Father’s Day, Mr. Wonder.

You deserve more than making your own waffles this morning because I was busy with the baby.

But they were delicious.

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