2017 Word of the Year

This year picking out my “word” was a bit of a challenge.
I had such a hard time bringing last year’s to the fruition I was hoping for, that I wanted something fluid and easy. Something achievable and tangible and flexible and possible.

Not that I chickened out, but I had such a wide variety of things I wanted to DO.

That was my word for a hot minute, but it’s not as, well, inspiring as some other graceful and beautiful words there are.

I needed to make it a little fancier.

Not that there is anything wrong with “do”. the simple act of DOING something makes it much more than just planning something, hoping for something.

Which, the first week of the year, I felt myself doing. Yearning to have this happen, hoping for this outcome.

I took a year off of blogging for money, still taking a coupe of jobs but hopelessly killing off my readership. So this year, I will BLOG. As I still keep an eye out for something more tangible, I’m going to work my blog to make money for me.

I’ve found my beat and I know I can bring some benefits back to me besides the sharing of words.

News flash – I can crochet. I can sew. Please don’t ask what the last thing I sewed was because it’s been a couple of years. I think. Pretty sad as a creative, right? And I have such crushes on clothes sometimes, but I refuse to have a big wardrobe when all I am seen is by a 7 and 3 year old and a couple of neighbors.

So I am hoping to sew through my small fabric stash or give it away, and make some crocheted, well, somethings for some reason. Hats? Coasters? Who knows.

I spent a little time in conversation with my bad-ass cousin in Denmark remarking on the popularity of hygge here in the US.

But, as someone who deep down likes homemaking, it is something that I willingly embraced this fall and winter as our little family was swung hither and yonder emotionally. Add the easy availability of fairy lights and, well, its easy to embrace the cozy in our miraculous little winter season we’re having in SoCal. SNOW! RAIN! Fluctuating temperatures!

So this year, I have plans for a comfortable, lived in home, finding outlets for my creativity that fulfill my soul, and creating a piece of internet business that works for me.

I will CREATE.