Why zombies just don’t go for brains

First of all- I’d like to point out that I am a total zonecrophobic. Stress causes me to have nightmares, which usually end up having zombies or those menacing velociraptor from Jurassic Park come eat all of my family and loved ones and then me. I also can’t watch ‘Dawn of the Dead’ because the zombie […]

How do you work it?

I strive to be organized. I really, really do. I put everything I can into my phone. Not ideal for me because I hate scrolling to see everything but I KNOW that it will at least be there. In january I grabbed a bill organizing folder and, while our financial situation has definitely had ups and downs, […]

Dreaming my destiny- a zombie hell

Last night I saw this pin of The Bloggess’ and instantly had an opinion.  Then I looked down and saw that half of the people had the same opinion. Along the lines of “Gee, thanks, I’m doomed”. Pins like this are everywhere on Pinterest. Everywhere. Some people even have whole boards dedicated to little motivational sayings. I […]