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This morning a trailer for a documentary showed up in my Facebook feed.

I'd seen it pinned by someone I follow just for her cute style and craft pins, though I don't pin them as much as I used to.

American Blogger is a documentary about, well, bloggers.

Which, according to the documentary trailer, are all cute, hip, younger types with Anthropologie bedspreads and beachy waves.

Just like that blogger.

I was disappointed when I saw this film. After blogging since 2009 and reading since before, I've seen a great variety of women and men create this industry, mold it and shape it and excel at it.

But the documentary seems to focus only on the “millennial”, the “Pin-teresting”, the “hip young mom” type.

A 'movement'? The world has already been changed, the blogging world was created and exploded and is evolving into a different medium than what it once was. Online diaries turned into a form of journalism, storytelling that sells.

Romanticizing blogging, which is something you should never do to business. Especially one where the definition is for so mny PR types is THAT type, the cool mom with expendable money.

I am trying to withhold judgement until I see it, but there should be SUCH a more diverse variety of PEOPLE shown. I'm hoping there are more in the documentary that I at least recognize or identify with.

I follow grandmothers and young singles.

Fathers and teachers.

Cooks, book authors and artists.

And moms, lots of moms. But I'm also a mom. A millennial mom, technically. One with a veggie garden but no teepee, handmade quilts instead of Anthropologie, but I do have some white furniture.

Do I hope that the documentary suprises me?

Yes, but if I've got it right, well, my couch is ready for round two.


If you were making a documentary about bloggers, which three would you be sure to include?


My three? Elise from BlogHer, Erin from Queen of Spain, and Kendi from Kendi Everyday.


3 comments for “American Blogger

  1. April 8, 2014 at 10:20 am

    well said, Megan! Thank you for this. :) oh, and you’re lucky to have a veggie garden! xoxo
    Marla recently posted..Paulina Rubio for JustFab Spring CollectionMy Profile

  2. AJ
    April 8, 2014 at 10:34 am

    Well written, well said and sign me up to be a “Real American Blogger.” :)
    AJ recently posted..The Expo Continues – This Time to South Asia (for Snacks!)My Profile

  3. April 8, 2014 at 10:40 am

    LOVE this and couldn’t agree more. I went to high school with one of the women featured (Ascot Friday) and am always blown away by how so many of these “hip mom bloggers” there are and how they manage to keep it all so cool all the time. It saddens me that those are the only ones represented and hopefully we can get someone to make another version with REAL american bloggers and not just those that look pretty on brand packaging.

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