How to Bag Your Groceries in CA – One Small Thing

So last week everyone I know went to the store and was met with a 10-cent fee for bags, which had suddenly gone from flimsy plastic sacks I saved up for bathroom trash to stronger, REUSABLE bags.

Some people are ecstatic that the whole state is doing its part to keep plastic out of the water and landfills – and some are scrambling for new solutions for bags. Bags for trash, bags for poop duty – because most people did use them more than once.

You know?

Me too. Because as great as reusable bags are for the store, I’ve run out of ones I can use to donate clothes in and such.

So what can you do?


  • Buy the 10 cent bag and reuse it. I believe Target’s is labeled as being able to reuse it 100 times. Heck, keep track and hold them to that promise. Make sure to take them BACK to the car.
  • Buy bags at the store. Heck, they’re like a buck or two, and will hold up. You can get a collection and feel special as you walk in with that stores reusable bag, or be defiant and use that Whole Foods bag at Target. Whatever.
  • Beg friends and family to mail them. Feel sneaky and call it the ‘black market’. They can fit more in if they fold it really small – I’m sure there’s a tutorial on Youtube somewhere. Bonus points for using bags for stores that don’t exist on the West Coast like the Piggly Wiggly (I didn’t know that was a real thing, I though Steel Magnolias made it up).
  • Invest in a set. I love Envirosax. No sponsorship, though I’m open to it y’all .I just love sets, you know? And you can even skip the brown bag with a wine one of buy a cute bag to hold it all, though I prefer them rolling around in my trunk. It’s an adventure, you know?
  • Dollar store, y’all. My friend offered this and I was like heck yes – If you use them for trash or diapers, dollar stores will have packs of like 75 for a dollar. Scented and non. AND  you can use them for poop bags if you don’t want to buy the expensive but cute dog ones with the clip on holder.
  • Make one. From a tank top, from a pet food bag, pillowcase, tee shirt.. I mean Pinterest. Love it, use it. (Here’s mine.)

So my California friends – were you prepared? What have you got to carry stuff in?