Bath time smells sweet with Episencial

Disclaimer: I was given samples of the following Babytime! by Episencial products to review. No other compensation was given. All opinions are my own.

Being pulled in two to three directions at any given time during the day, it can be hard to find time for the baby that is not directly food or sleep related.

My favorite time to snuggle with Lil’ Wonder is in the morning, when I’ve woken up for the day and usually so has he, and after eating we sit in the glider and rock for a while.

My second favorite time is bath time.


I’ve made it a balancing act, throwing my older son in the tub to play, then washing Lil’ Wonder, then when he is done laying him in his crib and washing Wonder Boy’s hair before pulling him out of the tub.

Sometimes that works- sometimes, it’s chaos.

However, our boys love their baths.

Lately we’ve scrubbed up with Episencial’s Playful Wash, which left a sweet citrus scent on Lil’ Wonder’s hair that I just love to breathe in. The product is fragrance free- the scent comes from tangerine oil, and a little gel went a long way toward getting a little body clean this morning after a rather messy diaper.

Both of my boys have sensitive skin, so I love using products with ingredients that come from nature- many scrapes and irritated spots on Wonder Boy have gotten a swipe of coconut oil on them (and I love it as a lip balm).

It’s also perfect since timing wise- a lot of our baths happen in the mornings, leaving a fresh start for the day.(And a good smelling one!)

Wonder Boy has been taking swimming lessons at our local YMCA and gets the red irritated skin to show for it (I have him take lessons in the indoor pool to keep him out of the sun and it is well-chlorinated water).

The unscented Soothing Cream is a rich but quick-absorbing lotion that is great for the little red patches that show up on his arms and behind his knees after his turn in the pool. I take extra care with those spots, otherwise he scratches them and makes them much worse.

I’m also using it on Lil’ Wonder’s cradle cap- something Wonder Boy also had as a baby.

I’ve also used it on me after the many hand-washings following the changing of diapers.

Babytime! byEpisencial uses organic ingredients, and has several vegan products. They do not test on animals and care for the environment by using solar power, recycled plastic, and other environmentally friendly practices.

It is also a partner for Healthy Child Healthy World,  CA non-profit that works to empower parents and create legislation to make a better environment for children.

Want to try out Episencial’s Playful Wash and Soothing Balm? I am giving them away to one lucky winner!


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