The Bloggess And I Share A Reoccurring Nightmare

I just read in Furiously Happy about how The Bloggess has the same freaking reoccurring nightmare that I do, of waking up and realizing you haven’t been to school in months and you have no idea what your schedule is or what class you should be in.

My nightmares is always that is the week before finals, and I haven’t been to math in so long I haven’t done homework since the first week. So I go and get a copy of my schedule from administration, which is always a non-existent building on my HS but the layout is still pretty much the same, and go to the class I’m supposed to be in.

I’ve dreamt that I was in another year just so I could be in colorguard again so it didn’t count, but then why would I want to go to HS one more year? I mean really. I mean really, I did have a lot of younger friends and did that thing where you go back and hang after you graduate, but that’s my own hang up, and not enough to actually sign up for a few more classes and get  a chance to walk again.

I wonder if anyone ever does that.

in 2011 I went to BlogHer, which was a site I was more heavily involved in. I even write posts there occasionally, including this badass one I wrote for Morgan before she went to Buzzfeed about the Lost Boys. See also my The Lost Boys field trip/vacation.

I have a point.

BlogHer 2011 was where I started meeting blog friends in real life, including the amazing San Diego ladies that helped put together the flash mob dance and I saw The Pioneer Woman going down the escalator, elegant in knee high boots, and I was riding that blogger high you get at conferences where you’re empowered and out without kids and wearing a cute outfit and makeup, holding swag that you take home and maybe use or probably just let you kid color on.

The Bloggess was also at BlogHer 2011 – she ‘hosted’ a party, of which the notepad and pen holder i still have around somewhere, but at the party she had a bathroom set up so she could talk to people. The Bloggess is open about her social anxiety, along with her love for taxidermy and the eccentric (oh good gravy, if you don’t know her yet I’ll leave a link below, but I won’t put it here because once you’re gone you’ll never come back).

Sid and I (and old bloggy friend who helped me found SoCal Lady Bloggers, who now looks down at heaven proud of all of her bloggy friends) went to the bathroom – the special Bloggess bathroom, anyway, and Sid was a major fan of hers at the time. I wasn’t as familiar but was still a fan, and I remember just chilling for a bit, just the three of us, before the crowd descended. I don’t remember the conversation, just that Sid talked a lot and I exchanged pleasantries and complimented the decor and some silly other comments,  just chatting randomly because that’s what you do with strangers in a bathroom. I didn’t know a lot of people, and had just met SId in person that weekend, so I was following her around like a puppy meeting new people and getting my footing.

BlogHer was worth it but I haven’t been back since because it is SO much and I really got just jaded with blog conferences early in my blogging career, which is probably also affected my success as one, at some level.

Not The Bloggess- I love her site is the same freaking thing, as well as the image she uses, and her commenters are still loud and passionate and ridiculously inappropriate.

It’s the quiet private moments that really make an impression.

So anyway, years later and I still appreciate that somewhere The Bloggess and I are a little more alike than I knew that night, and that the cheerful black and white decor is still stuck in my mind. That I had a quiet moment with someone who still interests me, and still gives me a celebuthrill if I get a like or comment because somehow I got lucky and she friended me on Facebook.

My reading has changed over the years, with some ladies gome from the blogosphere and some changed and my interests changed… but its rad to know The Bloggess is till the same old and as much as I want to say don’t ever change Jenny (can I call you Jenny, Jenny?) I am just so glad you’re here.