With Maturity Comes Acceptance- Embracing Natural Beauty


Disclaimer: I received product for review. No other compensation was given. All opinions are my own.

I know 37 doesn’t seem very old, but living in sunny southern California and living in the sun for much of my teenage years and beyond did a number on my skin.

35 was the year where I really started to notice the changes – the lines that were multiplying rapidly, the grey hairs (that I blame on my adventurous second child and his antics) that pop up.

I get it. No one is young forever, even as I am still considered young by some and ancient compared to others. But I’m not good at putting in the work to stay looking young with the fancy lotions, the Botox shots, the plastic surgery… whatever women tend to do. What all of the Housewives franchise members seem to start by 30.

This is me. Just clean, healthy skin using California Pure Naturals.

This is me. Just clean, healthy skin using California Pure Naturals.


So instead, just like changing my eating habits and drinking water more… I’m on the lookout for products that will bless the skin I have right now, keep it healthy, and working at its best. Letting nature take its course in the best way I can. I think I use less makeup, save the eyebrow pencil or powder that is now as essential as mascara.

Usually I’m making sugar scrubs with coconut oil or using my stand mixer to make a lotion with shea butter and vanilla extract.

At ExpoWest I hooked up with California Pure Naturals and was given the chance to try out their organic line. I mean, with the news about toxins and chemicals and the nonsense we keep finding out about products we use every day, I jumped on the chance to try completely organic products, a harder find in my area.


In the summer, I tend to get sweaty way quickly in the day. I am trying to make peace with the fact my skin looks better with some hydration even in the summer and have tried different ones to keep my skin looking good without makeup, since it sweats off by the time we’ve arrived at our destination even with the AC blasting in the car.

The hydrator in the CPN line feels amazing on my skin even on hot days. It’s almost as thin as water, and is absorbed quickly without a greasy sheen. I also appreciate the antioxidants from black tea and calendula’s healing properties in it as well, as I am now fighting years of sun damage on my face.


The walnut facial cleanser scrub stuff is creamy and leaves my skin soft.


I’ve always used a scrub, for years almost exclusively, and almost always a walnut scrub product when I bought over the counter. I had acne as a teen – I mean who doesn’t – and I kept fighting it with various hormone changes between pregnancy and monthly fluctuations, if you know what I mean.

As my facial skin got a little more sensitive, I started trying out different scrubbing options or trying to avoid it entirely since it hurt more.

California Pure Naturals’s walnut shell exfoliating facial cleanser is the first thing that happens in the shower. It’s a gentle and hydrating scrub, but also cleans out my pores, which get clogged if I’m having a busy couple of days and don’t take care of my skin as I should.

I’m also using a facial toner (perfect for a refreshing spritz of antioxidants) and at night I use a facial wash (I won’t mention it here but it’s just a basic gel cleanser) and then put on a dab of the facial serum on days I was put in the sun and my skin needs some extra love.

I am totally seeing a difference! I feel radiant, and it’s a glow instead of a shine that other products can give my skin. And that monthly hormone-induced breakout? Gone.

California Pure Naturals are made in California, most specifically the same sunny SoCal I live in! it certified organic, gluten free and cruelty free. They have teen and baby lines, and products for everything from acne blemishes to sensitive skin.

And for anyone else that has low access to stores that carry organic products, California Pure Naturals has an amazing website and deals. The set I’ve been using, the USDA Organic Regimen, is only $84 for all of the pieces. If you’re a CPN member, you can get free shipping and your first order is 15% off. Already  a member (or want a better deal?) Members can use the code NPEW17 and get 20 percent off your order!  So go ahead and add that blackberry lip balm or CC cream with SPF 30  to your order.


Check out California Pure Naturals on Facebook and Instagram. Don’t forget to sign up for the membership and use that code!

Are your skincare choices changing with, um, maturity?