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Our Favorite Podcasts

We’re big fans of podcasts in my car. We listen to several, and errands around town or a longer drive always turns into throwing on a saved podcast from my phone. They’re time savers, they’re brain savers, and often it prompts critical thinking and discussions when faced with a question or cliffhanger. Have you ever […]

In the name of health, I wear a FitBit

This post contains affiliate links. It’s 10:57 and I’m considering how I’m going to get my last 255 steps to get my goal for the day. I’m adding in the potential count on the stairs – which doesn’t always count as a  set of stairs because it has a turn int he middle that has […]

A Nintendo of my own

Disclaimer – I went to a Nintendo event where I was gifted a Nintendo 3DS. No other compensation was given, all opinions are my own. We’ve always had Nintendo products, my husband and I. Our Wii use was long established before children, as we challenged our friends after a few drinks to make it even […]