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Kirby Planet Robobot – review

Disclaimer: I am part of a campaign with compensation to check out and review the Kirby Planet Robobot or Nintendo 3DS. All opinions are my own.   I grew up Nintendo, from sitting in front of a little TV in my brothers room sticking the Duck Hunt guns right up to the screens aiming for […]

GIS Day and Geography Awareness Week

Next week is Geography Awareness Week. Next Wednesday is GIS Day. If you haven’t been following along for a while here on the blog, I am a current Geographic Information Systems students finishing up my certification at a local community college. The MOST basic way to explain GIS is displaying information visually via a map, […]

Get a deal with #iTunesBBB15

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. Before my son started reading we had to have all of the controls we could on our phones to make sure he didn’t download any paid apps without our permission. He is in kindergarten now, with a thousand interests, and it seems he is always interested in some new […]