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Weekly Sunshine – Disney edition


Two friends and I assigned ourselves Disney princesses at the onset of the big Disney princess thing. I wanted Belle because of her love of books and her yellow dress, but got told I could have the Cinderella stuff because I had already found my Prince Charming (MR. Wonder, who they have never known me without.)

Queue the ‘awwwwwwww’ right…. now.

Anyway, other than that bookworm Belle, turns out that a few of my favorite Disney characters also had yellow clothes on.

Here is a roundup of some of my favorite Disney fashion!

Tiana from The Princess and The Frog

Not only can girl cook, she has great taste in clothes too.


 Snow White from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

A classic ensemble for the classic princess. Primaries never looked as sweet.


Pinnochio from Pinocchio

Another risk taker- lederhosen and yellow? Definitely a way to stand out on stage!

Jane from Tarzan

I adore Jane’s sweet ensemble, but how poor of a color choice is yellow in a jungle full of mosquitos or something?

Dumbo from Dumbo

This is the only scene I can stand to look at. Dumbo’s clownish attire is just sweet in yellow.

Belle from Beauty and the Beast

A grand yellow gown was on my wish list after this movie. If I was in the running for an Oscar? I just may go there.


Christopher Robin from The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh

I used to have a yellow polo I wore everywhere. I’d so get one for Wonder Boy just so he could wear it with blue shorts too!


Honorable Mention-
Flounder from The Little Mermaid

Because he IS yellow. Rock on, Flounder!


Did I miss anyone? Which characters wear YOUR favorite color?

Never have the pregnant lady grocery shop while hungry

There was a couple of months when I was pregnant with Wonder Boy if I didn’t have any lemonade by 4 p.m. I was, um, irritable.

This pregnancy has been dotted with small bouts of cravings- apples during my worst morning sickness weeks, grilled cheese sandwiches ,and lately a dozen oranges inhaled over a couple of days- my heartburn gone for sure as I sucked every sweet bite of navel orange fresh from my mom’s trees.

I’ve been waiting for the impulses to start- that moment where you see a food and HAVE to have it.

With our budget this month (oh, Christmas!) I have been trying to shop carefully- staying out of the store except with a lit in hand and a little boy tucked safe at home.

However, my last trip on my own was a true test as I walked past produce, casually tossing my bag of apples (gotta have apples) in my cart on my way to bananas (gotta have bananas).

There they were.



Um, hello gorgeous.

I couldn’t resist, I didn’t even slow down as I grabbed a big bag of grapes, salivating, and placed them carefully into the basket, knowing I just blew the grocery bill.

I tried to reason with it.

It was healthier than $10 of McDonald’s (not even happening right then) and would be days and days of snacks, if I didn’t inhale half a bag in one setting (see the above oranges comment).

I carefully placed my purchases on the belt staring at the bright green grapes, eager to get them home- painfully aware at that point of how hungry the baby and I was.

Lesson learned- I MUST have a sncak before I go to the store from now on.

I mean, I had even avoided the luscious Cadbury Eggs on the way.

The clerk took a look at the price and re-checked it, then asked if I wanted them. She rescanned them, thinking that she had the wrong price.

Because paying $10 for these spring-colored beauties was just too much.

That was my moment where I could have shown reason and denied the juicy seedless globes.

I hesitated- did she know better than me? Was there a little sign floating over my head that said – don’t let her blow her plan to keep the bill down low? Or did I just look like an impulsive hungry lady?

I felt the eyes of the people behind me in line, too, questioning me, judging me.

How expensive were these grapes, if the cashier was questioning my choice? Gold? Truffle oil?

Hand-ground fair trade origin coffee?

I kept the grapes, sheepish that even with a little divine (?) intervention I had still shown weakness for grapes. She put them in without another hesitation.

I drove home telling myself it could have been worse- it could have been chocolate, frozen lasagna or a fast-food burger that had given me tunnel vision instead of nice, healthy, grapes.

Man, they are good. Especially with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Now, to just get over my urge to go downtown for a big latte…


What was the last impulse buy you made?


Raising a gamer like us

I heard the soft thunder of little boy feet race down the stairs this morning.

I’d already been up for an hour, choosing to pretend to sleep while thoughts still raced through my head, and then finishing the last few pages of Pride and Prejudice before starting my day, my chihuahua snuggled against the back of my legs under the blankets.

I saw his hair, bed head to the max, peeking over the top of the iPad, so I looked over to see a Wii wheel and a remote in his hands.

He had raced back upstairs to ask for more games, just like last night when we had taken turns valiantly trying to earn enough points while coaching his questionable driving skills and supporting his gleeful “I won!” statements when the opposite was, in fact, true.


So I set him up for a round, maneuvering the options in Mario Kart with the wheel pointed at the screen, he wiggling in glee beside me.

We set up the games, he picks his character with a decided “That one,” while we quiz him to find out what character he is talking about.  We talk him into courses, steer him toward options that will allow him a chance to play.

And then he makes the game his own- cheering anytime he crosses the finish line, usually a lap behind instantly, blissfully unaware the glaring ’12′ means he is in last place.

We won’t tell either.

I was raised gaming, playing Pong on my dad’s Atari before he brought home our beloved Mario and Duck Hunt games.

The same games where my brother stood right against the little tv screen in our room, ducks crashing down the minute it started to fly, the giggling dog taunting any missed.

I made it infrequently all the way to the end of Mario- and that was after family friends taught me the big two cheats to skip levels.

When Wonder Boy was big enough we taped down the button that served as the gas pedal and let him swerve and crash along.

As he gets older, it gets more complicated, as the rules of the games are a little harder and when he gets frustrated he hands the wheel over for us to fix the situation.

So, along with being a source of fun and entertainment, it is also a session in problem solving, listening to directions and patience.

For us too, as we, so used to winning, have to give up our own games to help his.

This morning, he happily played a session, laughing hysterically as he fell down the bottomless chasms that lined the tracks he picked, a little more patience as he tried to learn how to turn his car around the right way when the floating turtle flagged him away.

I’m raising a gamer.

He will be a gamer, like his father before him. And his mother. The second generation to be rained with games in the home, but so much more than we had.

Many more versions, options, complexity.

At three he already has the hand dexterity that I did at an older age,  when I was struggling to make Mario jump high enough to get a high score on that stupid flag pole. Waiting my turn for a round while my brother took his turn struggling with a flat and pixellated world.

Even though he is a gamer like us, he is born into a realistic and complicated realm, while we’ve watched the technology grow in leaps and bounds.

And, unlike my generation, he will have parents playing with him, making video games a shared activity for the family.

As soon as we can get him facing the right way on the racetrack.


Dreaming my destiny- a zombie hell

Last night I saw this pin of The Bloggess’ and instantly had an opinion.

 Then I looked down and saw that half of the people had the same opinion.

Along the lines of “Gee, thanks, I’m doomed”.

Pins like this are everywhere on Pinterest.


Some people even have whole boards dedicated to little motivational sayings.

I have a few pins myself- something that has really spoken to me in a certain moment.

This? Was meant for someone who is hopeful about something.

Do they dream about it? Maybe. waking up with a smile, seeing themself in a slightly different reality where they are happy.

I don’t have beautiful dreams like that.

If I did, I would still be dreaming about being on assignment for National Geographic, days without showering and stopping to snap a beautiful flower on my way to find some elephants or something.

These days I mostly Instagram my son, but I am still capturing life.

Just in a playground jungle.

Anyway- so back to that reoccurring dream.

The most reoccurring dreams I have involve zombies. Yes, I understand they are not real… at least yet. (seriously, google that stuff. You can even start here on my own blog for zombie info.

It’s dreams where they are in the backyard and I can’t get to the gun safe.

Oh yeah, the one that I don’t have the code for.

Oh yeah, the bullets are not even close to the gun safe. Therefore gun= beating stick.

The dreams where they are in the house and my son and I are in the attic waiting for our eminent doom.

The one where no one sees the ‘help’ written on the deck and we all die, my son vainly hiding in the closet.

The one where I am pregnant and get bitten and forced to leave my family for their safety.

I have a lot of jacked up dreams.

I blame hormones and stress for them- they come and go depending on my life at the moment.

Sure, there is better things to dream about -unicorns, Paris or a good night’s sleep- but the one thing that keeps coming back is the zombies.

When I was younger I figured out how to slow down my bad dreams and change the outcome.

 The dinosaurs chasing me? Just in time they were locked out of the room and I was safe.

I found my way out of the forest.

You get the picture.

I haven’t figured out how to do that with zombie dreams. Because in the movies they usually win, a small group of people against tens of thousands.

I stopped watching The Walking Dead because of the zombie dreams and it’s been a long time since I have watched anything besides Romero’s Night of the Living Dead- the one where people actually win even though it has a jacked up ending.

Still, I have the stupid dreams.

Anyway, so here is a little bit of my own personal crazy.

Do you have reoccurring dreams? What are they about?

Hopefully they’re good ones.

Binky the Cat

I was always a doodler.

Doodle, doodle, doodle.

Even when I am stuck while typing up a blog post, I find a pencil or pen or marker and scribble on a scrap piece of paper.


Mostly stars, but also spirals and balloons and cubes.

Back in high school, where I doodled a lot so I could pay attention, I created a character.

I used to trademark my art growing up, my little MCD Creations in the corner, and for a while I tinkered with a simple heart logo.

But one day it came to me.

I forget what day, probably one when I was stuck in Algebra class, since that was a hard class for me to pay attention to.

On a page that was already covered with little cubes, scribbled and shaded in odd groupings- because my doodles always have to be in odd numbers.

Voila, Binky.
I have no idea why he was named Binky- it was just his name. (We never used that word for a pacifier or anything dot Wonder Boy, by the way. )
Binky came in many colors, many outfits…
A little hat and a bat- baseball Binky. A little flag- colorguard Binky. Heart eyes – Valentine’s Binky.

And on, and on.
But always with the same little kitty smile.

I still doodle a – when I’m stuck on a word, when I am reading through stuff, I grab a pen and a blank space of paper and go at it.
Do you doodle? What do you draw?

PS these doodles happened to be on a printout I made of this fabulous post at Sluiter Nation on how to be an irrisistible blogger and I just took quick pictures of them with my phone. Read Kate’s post, print it, keep it on your desk for inspiration and doodle on it, because Kate is a must read for me.