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Whoopty Whoop

Disclosure: I received a copy of the album for review purposes. All opinions are my own. No other compensation was given.

My husband keeps a song from ‘Yo Gabba Gabba’ on his phone. I’m guessing it’s for impromptu dance concerts with Wonder Boy.

I admit, I always feel the urge to to wiggle along when I hear it as well.

Koo Koo Kanga Roo is an energetic and fantastical dance duo that has toured with Yo Gabba Gabba and is currently touring with the Aquabats.

kookookangaroo Anyone who believes in unicorns is good in my book.

Their latest,”Whoopty Whoop”‘, is an instant favorite in our house and a must for energetic kids looking for a reason to wiggle, spin, run, hop, jam, or just dance their hearts out.


“quoting Wonder Boy – “This makes me want to dance!”

The impromptu dance party on the way to preschool proved his point.

Want a taste? Turn up the computer speakers and jam to “Fanny Pack”.

And this pizza-lovin’ pair is great for anyone, now just the little tykes.

“I thought it was strange that a children’s music band was on tour with Frank Turner, but when I saw them live I understood how genius the band was and it all made sense” -MIKE PARK( label head ASIAN MAN/FUN FUN)

Wonder Boy asked for repeats of “All I Eat Is Pizza” over and over on the way to preschool, making me hungry for some cheesy goodness. And did I mention there is an “I Want Cake” song? Yum.

The Coolest Person just screams summer anthem to me, with a touch of punky goodness and a Shakira-esque shakin’ rhythm in there.

They’ve played concerts at playgrounds, nursing homes and  bars – I totally recommend this album for a kid-friendly album for dancing along to with grown up friends too at a summer barbeque (or pizza party). They even have an exercise DVD – perfect for doing it with your kids to get everyone moving more and get fit together.

Check out Koo Koo Kanga Roo on Facebook and chat with them on Twitter; check out more Koo Koo Kanga Roo videos on their site or on Youtube.

Buy the album on their site, Amazon or iTunes, and check out their other high-energy albums as well.


Want to be in their next video? Click on the picture for details how to enter on their blog.

Pogo dance


Star Wars Journeys: Phantom Menace

Disclaimer: I received a copy of the game for review. No other compensation was given. All opinions are my own.

Years ago when my husband and I were still dating I would crush him repeatedly on  the Star Wars I: Racer game.

I don’t know why, but podracing was my THING and one of the few games I could stand a chance of beating him at.

A few days ago I downloaded a new game on the iPad. and part of my reasoning was just to relive my past gaming glory days with a little … podracing.

SW Journeys_The Phantom Menace_PodRacing1

Disney Publishing Worldwide, the makers of those amazing Disney story apps, just released the first in a new series of apps for little Star Wars fans.

Star Wars Journeys: Phantom Menace features storyline from the first prequel movie and the added bonus of a podracing game.  The podracing gameplay is awesome, even on the iPad. You can use the standard buttons or switch to  motion-based gameplay, which is what I tried out while Wonder Boy eagerly hovered over me, bumping my elbows and messing up my game.

Kids, man.

I let him run a few races, showing him what buttons to push to get to a basic time-trail race with a simple track, helping him scroll through all of the customizations we haven’t earned enough credits for yet, then switched him over to the storyline to see how he would do- watching the tutorial first and showing him how to draw apart pinched fingers to open up the next scene.

I went back a few minutes later and he was well into the storyline, moving the iPad back and forth to see the whole scene and finding unlocking characters right and left.

And back to the podracing, picking the squiggliest track he could and crashing mercilessly. He’s no Anakin.




He finally is interested in Phantom Menace, the one star wars movie he hasn’t seen much of (can’t get him to sit through it, but he loves the podracing!).

Want to see the game a little better? Here’s a trailer, hinting at how the gameplay works and featuring that awesome parallax technology.


Star Wars Journeys is meant for kids ages 6-8 (and above) with reading skills, but with a little tutorial and guidance younger ones can enjoy the little slice of the star Wars universe in their hands.

The game is $6.99 in the iTunes store and is the first in a series of games that feature the classic storyline and characters. It’s a new way to ponder the epic good-versus-evil questions that will haunt my life over the next few years and beyond.

I will be looking forward to seeing the other games in this collection- will we fly the Millennium Falcon? Duel Darth Vader? Try on Padme’s gorgeous Episode II gowns? Well, I would play that game for sure.

Wonder Boy’s opinion? He loves it.

And any game that has Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia is good in his book, so the original trilogy will be well-received here.

The series will be released up until Star Wars VII comes out, which Wonder Boy will be old enough to hopefully see in the theatre.

Do you have a favorite Star Wars movie? What kind of game would come out of your favorite? (Mine would be that Episode II dress up doll game, apparently).


Weekly Sunshine – Derby fun

I was raised going to the horseraces. I would get to go for a day with Grandma and Grandpa and sit at Santa Anita or Del Mar. Grandpa would get us bet on the races win, place or show while he picked out trifectas and perfectas and all those fancy ones I’m always too cheap to bet on.

$2 bets, ya’ll.



The family advice was to bet on the greys- well, there’s no grey this year nor no Marshmallow Fluff- named one (which my brother and cousin infamously won money on when we were kids) so I’m rooting for California Chrome this year.

My parents went to Kentucky Derby and I’ve been to opening Day of Del Mar. I fantasize about those giant Derby hats ladies wear (and the not-quite-ladies who get staggering drunk, but that’s another story) and secretly wish ladylike clothes would be more in style (or maybe I need more giant boho hats in my life).

Sorry about that long sentence.

SO, I quickly glanced online and found some amazing YELLOW Derby hats to share. Because.

You guys, you GUYS. Oh man, two loves in one. My giant peacock rug at home confirms my love and this hat is amazing. I could wear jeans and a tee and still look good at the races. Too bad its already sold :(

I’d do it. Though preferably not with that lipstick. Also – I wonder how heavy it is because all that weight on one side of your head?


Sunflower Derby Hat

You guys, I looked everywhere for an original source for this one.  It was from the 2012 race and was shot by AP. I keep seeing it under ‘crazy’ hat lists but NO. IT IS SO VERY…. very.



This is something that you could wear to church then keep right on going to that bourbon-laced Derby party in. Just maybe sit in the back so you don’t shield the congregation from the cute kids singing that song? So pretty and ladylike.



There once was a girl with a curl bow in the middle of her forehead just right on the side of her head where everyone would remark how cute she was.


And, presenting the hat I would ADORE to wear to the “Run For The Roses”…


This is amazingly gorgeous. In red. I would feel like that wreath of flowers they put over the winner!

Maybe they can make it in yellow… right?

Weekly Sunshine – Disney edition


Two friends and I assigned ourselves Disney princesses at the onset of the big Disney princess thing. I wanted Belle because of her love of books and her yellow dress, but got told I could have the Cinderella stuff because I had already found my Prince Charming (MR. Wonder, who they have never known me without.)

Queue the ‘awwwwwwww’ right…. now.

Anyway, other than that bookworm Belle, turns out that a few of my favorite Disney characters also had yellow clothes on.

Here is a roundup of some of my favorite Disney fashion!

Tiana from The Princess and The Frog

Not only can girl cook, she has great taste in clothes too.


 Snow White from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

A classic ensemble for the classic princess. Primaries never looked as sweet.


Pinnochio from Pinocchio

Another risk taker- lederhosen and yellow? Definitely a way to stand out on stage!

Jane from Tarzan

I adore Jane’s sweet ensemble, but how poor of a color choice is yellow in a jungle full of mosquitos or something?

Dumbo from Dumbo

This is the only scene I can stand to look at. Dumbo’s clownish attire is just sweet in yellow.

Belle from Beauty and the Beast

A grand yellow gown was on my wish list after this movie. If I was in the running for an Oscar? I just may go there.


Christopher Robin from The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh

I used to have a yellow polo I wore everywhere. I’d so get one for Wonder Boy just so he could wear it with blue shorts too!


Honorable Mention-
Flounder from The Little Mermaid

Because he IS yellow. Rock on, Flounder!


Did I miss anyone? Which characters wear YOUR favorite color?

Never have the pregnant lady grocery shop while hungry

There was a couple of months when I was pregnant with Wonder Boy if I didn’t have any lemonade by 4 p.m. I was, um, irritable.

This pregnancy has been dotted with small bouts of cravings- apples during my worst morning sickness weeks, grilled cheese sandwiches ,and lately a dozen oranges inhaled over a couple of days- my heartburn gone for sure as I sucked every sweet bite of navel orange fresh from my mom’s trees.

I’ve been waiting for the impulses to start- that moment where you see a food and HAVE to have it.

With our budget this month (oh, Christmas!) I have been trying to shop carefully- staying out of the store except with a lit in hand and a little boy tucked safe at home.

However, my last trip on my own was a true test as I walked past produce, casually tossing my bag of apples (gotta have apples) in my cart on my way to bananas (gotta have bananas).

There they were.



Um, hello gorgeous.

I couldn’t resist, I didn’t even slow down as I grabbed a big bag of grapes, salivating, and placed them carefully into the basket, knowing I just blew the grocery bill.

I tried to reason with it.

It was healthier than $10 of McDonald’s (not even happening right then) and would be days and days of snacks, if I didn’t inhale half a bag in one setting (see the above oranges comment).

I carefully placed my purchases on the belt staring at the bright green grapes, eager to get them home- painfully aware at that point of how hungry the baby and I was.

Lesson learned- I MUST have a sncak before I go to the store from now on.

I mean, I had even avoided the luscious Cadbury Eggs on the way.

The clerk took a look at the price and re-checked it, then asked if I wanted them. She rescanned them, thinking that she had the wrong price.

Because paying $10 for these spring-colored beauties was just too much.

That was my moment where I could have shown reason and denied the juicy seedless globes.

I hesitated- did she know better than me? Was there a little sign floating over my head that said – don’t let her blow her plan to keep the bill down low? Or did I just look like an impulsive hungry lady?

I felt the eyes of the people behind me in line, too, questioning me, judging me.

How expensive were these grapes, if the cashier was questioning my choice? Gold? Truffle oil?

Hand-ground fair trade origin coffee?

I kept the grapes, sheepish that even with a little divine (?) intervention I had still shown weakness for grapes. She put them in without another hesitation.

I drove home telling myself it could have been worse- it could have been chocolate, frozen lasagna or a fast-food burger that had given me tunnel vision instead of nice, healthy, grapes.

Man, they are good. Especially with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Now, to just get over my urge to go downtown for a big latte…


What was the last impulse buy you made?