Me, Myself and I

A story about my hair

This is the story of how I dyed my hair. Well, this is the story of how a hair stylist dyed my hair. This is the story of how I got rainbow sherbet hair. I am sitting right now typing this on my phone while my autumnal sunset hair blows in the wind. This is […]

Hi there.

It’s been a while. Oh my goodness is SO been a while. Not that anyone asked why wasn’t I writing anymore. I sound defeatest but it’s completely true. Blogging had taken such a backseat in my life for a while when I skipped it for 2 1/2 months. I had already decided I would own […]

Im Not Throwing Away My Shot

Once upon a time I was a photojournalist. That was before kids. Some examples of that past life here.  I hadn’t thought having kids would change it quite the way it had. I had always imagined still going on safaris and adventures and coming home to a loving family. I know it can be done, […]