Bigger Things Than Me

One Small Thing- Eat Plant Protein

  Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. When you sign up for Thrive Market I will get a percentage of your fee. Last year I was diagnosed with anemia, so I started adding a protein powder (check out my choice here) to smoothies to help with my iron. I decided on a plant-based protein choice […]


The last couple years have been more about survival than anything else. Getting bills paid. Getting the boys fed, taken care of. getting work done. Getting school done, getting the credit to finish as soon as I could. But surviving isn’t enough. Surviving is 6 hours of sleep, energy drinks, stress and lists and whole […]

Growing up in a battleground

Knowledge can dissolve fear just as light destroys darkness – Peter Yancey I tried to keep the news away from you that day, but I was sucked in when I saw a familiar neighborhood on the TV screen. I’m sorry I didn’t turn it off on time and you heard them talk about blood in […]

The Pink List 12/9

  Some days you just need the silly. I’ve been quiet on the blog regarding recent events. I’m angry, and upset, and scared. I drove past two different pawn shops broadcasting guns for sale, and thought of two different people on my Facebook feed who mentioned they will be buying guns. I have words, so […]