Me, Myself and I

World Water Day and World Vision

Disclaimer: I received product as part of my involvement with Wold Vision’s campaign. No monetary compensation was given. All opinions are my own. Living in California, water use is on my mind a lot these days. Between scientists saying we have a year’s worth of water left in storage, to pondering the amount of water […]

No to the Dark Act

I admit, when I took a look into H.R. 4432 it looked pretty good. Labeling of bio-engineered organisms (plants or derivatives)? Notification to the Secretary of Health 210 days before its introduction? Sounds right, right? I would check yes to that. Let’s look closer. Why do I care about GMO ingredients? I’ve had several discussions […]

Tracking measles – is it important to do it publicly?

The reason why I got started down the GIS road, besides slightly veiled family ties to the industry, was because I saw such storytelling potential in map- making. I’d always enjoyed looking at them – I used to have them taped to my closet planning trips far away, places I wanted to see. I considered […]