Me, Myself and I

The end of 2017

Not to say I’m sorry about it. I know a lot of people that shut the door on 2017’s butt on the way out and not by accident. 2017 was way more complicated that I thought. I mean, I can’t even remember my Word Of The ear – I had to go on the blog […]

The Dichotomy of Me

I hadn’t realized I hadn’t written in over TWO months here at Sunshine Wonderland. I guess I need to admit myself I’m being forced into a hiatus here at Sunshine Wonderland due to my new schedule interning with the technical department at a local city hall and balancing the rest f life with the other […]

A Visit For Her Birthday

  We had walked into the florist the day before, light hearted, each with a request for the bouquet. My youngest spoke clearly, strongly, a voice that had still been a tiny peep when she heard it last naming the last flower on the list I had mentioned. The same as our dog’s name, a […]