Word of the Year

The Pink List 12/30

  I finished college, y’all. And still I will be learning. I have a pile of websites to consider as I learn some coding and go over concepts my community college education didn’t investigate thoroughly. Check out my portfolio for changes in the coming weeks as I publish new projects there. New Year’s Eve calls […]


GIS Day and Geography Awareness Week

Next week is Geography Awareness Week. Next Wednesday is GIS Day. If you haven’t been following along for a while here on the blog, I am a current Geographic Information Systems students finishing up my certification at a local community college. The MOST basic way to explain GIS is displaying information visually via a map, […]


Apparently, new year, new start

I’ve had issues the last few days. I have always done my back-end work, so when my wordpress was acting up I figured I could fix it. Well, there may have been a horrible comedy of errors and I could have deleted all of my posts from mid-2011 on. I’m trying not to cry, trying […]