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Count Me In

Disclaimer: I was given a copy of the album to review. No other compensation was given. All opinions are my own.

“One more time from the top!” he said, as we held our whistles at the ready. He held a little white stick which had come with the box of holiday crackers at Christmas, each person opening their cracker to find a whistle and starting a tradition of musical torture for my family.

Conducting a mini concert with three members may not be a hard job, but for Wonder Boy he adores being the leader and the center of attention and didn’t mind Nana and I were playing completely different songs, as long as he was waving and telling us to start and stop.

It’s no wonder then that he loved The Little Rockers Band’s newest album counting in the band as “Count Me In!”  begun to entertain us on a road trip to Anaheim.


“One, two, three, four… Mommy, I like this CD,” he told me before the first song had ended.

The Little Rockers bring a variety of familiar songs and new tunes to rock out with in the back seat of the car. For “Count Me In!” the band was inspired by everything from Motown to The Cars to my favorite, 90′s rock.

Wonder Boy loves to sing along to “Old Mick Jagger” who, as a different take than that McDonald fellow had a band. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah! That song makes me giggle thinking of Jagger steppin’ his way around a farmyard with little groupies in tow.

My favorite song on the album is the acoustic take on Paul Simon’s “Me and Julio” and rivals the Me First and the Gimme Gimme’s take on it as songs to jam to on the freeway.

Want a taste? Check out the wildly funny music video from the album’s “Wild, Wild West”.

The band was formed in 2009 by the husband and wife team to go with their music classes, which are held in New Jersey. Check their website for more information about classes and upcoming tour dates for the band. They also do birthday parties!


Count Me In! Will be available tomorrow, April 15, 2014 on, iTunes and

Follow them on Facebook, Tweet them on Twitter and check out more videos on Youtube.



Tips for an egg-cellent egg hunt at Disneyland

Spoiler Alert: This post has two photos of locations for the Eggstravaganza hunt at Disneyland.


As we stood on the far side of it's a small world, the corner reserved for service dogs taking a break and a wide expanse of running room, Wonder Boy and I spied a familiar rabbit-faced egg peeking from a sea dragon topiary.

Turns out the Egg-stravaganza had just started yesterday, and we decided to play along as part of our first time attempting the parks as a three-some. (Let's say on that note I learned everything NOT to do the hard way.)

Instead of standing in lines for any ride we as a three could possibly pull off, yesterday Wonder Boy, Lil' Wonder and I instead grabbed a $5 map for each boy and spent the day winding around Disneyland looking for Easter Eggs.

But with a full park for spring break, it was a lot of work for myself and my four year old. Castmembers aren't supposed to give you hints, though they helped verify things like, yes, that shop is on Main Street.

Start early and try to keep a lookout for stuff in you area – but we did it with just going from place to place for eggs and a couple extra adventures in three hours.

At the end you don't get to pick which egg you want- part of the fun!

So, if you decide to do your own Easter egg search, here's some tips and tricks to get you going.


  1. Stuck? Look for other people holding their maps. They're probably standing right in front of it.
  2. Look up. There were several eggs hiding up high in trees or on signs.
  3. The locations are pretty literal.

…and some location-specific advice for the harder ones for us…



  1. The Fortuosity Shop is where they make the custom watches – and this egg likes to be able to see the action.
  2. The locker area on Main Street have some lovely flowers in boxes above it.
  3. One egg has a bird's eye view of a tea party.
  4. One egg is watching people in line to go on a trip around the world.

And one last photo for the HARDEST one for us- it took three laps around the area to finally find someone at just the right angle.

Let me know if you too go on an egg hunt!


Curious about critters – giveaway

Disclaimer: I received a copy of Curious Critters Volume Two to review. No other compensation was given. All opinions are my own.

We love going to the zoo to see animals every few months. Our favorite is a beautiful shady one with some great ways to see animals.
Unless it’s summer, when most of them seem to be asleep. It gets hot here in CA.


A couple of months ago I got a copy of the second volume of Curious Critters, a growing set of books featuring animals photographed in studio settings, giving readers an eye-to-eye view of animals they would usually see up in a tree or behind a fence.

My son immediately settled into his favorite corner of our living room to pour through the pictures, asking me to come read to him. Even though he can’t read yet, I like how even just looking and asking the names is still something he is interested in.

How can you not with them staring back at you?

There’s so many cartoons and children’s books that talk about animals that feature drawings or animals in their habitats, but this one is awesome in that each animal is highlighted against a white background so you can really SEE each animal.
Makes you wonder how many animals pooped on that pristine place as they were photographed, right?

Each photo really is a thing of beauty- even if its a scary snake or insect. (Well, a two-inch worm may not be scary but this big and detailed, kind of creepy, right?)

8_Curious_Critters_Vol_Two_Geometer_Moth Inchworm sp 1 CC  Rich Co 6x4

The captions for each animal are humorously written and drops in facts without you even knowing it. My son loves hearing the descriptions and funny introductions of the animals, and I ask him questions about them based on the pictures- are they soft? What might they eat?


It’s a big book, so it stays home, but it’s been dragged around the house.

FYI – there’s also an accompanying audiobook for each book, with different voices for each animal for those who love to listen to stories.

I highly encourage you to check out the web site, which has more information, e-cards and other goodies, and a preview of the next in the series, Marine!

The store offers the books, audiobook downloads, card games, postcards, and some awesome-looking finger and hand animal puppets (I love the little butterfly ones!)

Do you have an animal lover in your home?

I’m giving away copies of Curious Critters Volume Two to two different readers!

Simply follow the Rafflecopter directions below to enter. Contest begins today and ends April 18th. A winner will be announced here and notified by email.

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Small World Celebration

Disclaimer: I am a Disney fan just spreading the news because I love it that much.

It was a ride my son had ridden on several times  before he was even born, and one he rode on during his first trip to meet Mickey Mouse.


It was the first app I downloaded on my phone for him to play, and he still chills tapping all of the different characters, singing the song quietly as he plays.

Our last trip to Disneyland he sang it over and over and over even though the ride was closed.

For Wonder Boy, “it’s a small world” is one of the highlights of a trip to Disneyland. Shelter from the sun, a calm longer ride with plenty to see, a respite out of the stroller in a safe place.

And now it’s time for someone else’s first ride.

This Thursday marks the 50th anniversary of the iconic ride, which was first at the 1964 World’s Fair. Thursday there will be a celebration at Disneyland park and voices from Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Disneyland Paris, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort and Tokyo Disney Resort will sing that song that is a global earworm, whether or not you’ve ever ridden the ride.

You can even join in at home, by joining a Google + hangout  (which I can watch from my phone while we’re there) and submit a question for Disney Legend Richard Sherman,

Earlier today I finally got a chance to make a doll, which I will have my son also do as we gear up for our trip to Disneyland for the 50th anniversary.  For every doll made on the site, Disney will donate $1 to UNICEF on top of the $150,000 it already donated. It’s still less than halfway to their max of $100,000 so go make one!

You can also film a sing-along on the site – and the singing, I’m sure, will keep going the rest of the day!

I also encourage anyone with a free afternoon to check out a participating Disney store (call ahead and ask)  from this Thursday to Sunday, where children are invited to take a journey on an imaginary boat ride around the globe, learning how to say “hello” in various languages and singing “it’s a small world” along the way.

Will you be celebrating this week too? What’s your favorite section of the ride?

Tee ball

I was so excited for Wonder Boy to start tee ball.

I had some comments about how not to expect him to be great, how this won’t mean he will have a career, blah blah blah.


I didn’t do it for the sport, though if he loves it I want him to play as much as he wants.

It’s not for the love of baseball, though I like it a heck of a lot better than football.

It’s for the love of the game- every game he plays on a Saturday wearing this uniform.



It’s for the love of watching him pay more attention to the game, though these joyous moments still happen for him because he also loves the game.




But one of the biggest reasons, besides I knew he would love it, is to get him involved in a group activity outside preschool and playdates – somewhere he would learn skills like teamwork and doing his job.


But the added bonus is that I get to watch this every game – he supports the other team even as he is elated every week they ‘win’ the game (there is no score kept in his division and everyone gets to go around the bases each inning) with high fives, thumbs up and ‘good job!’.