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Penguins of Madagascar | Blu-ray Giveaway

Disclaimer: I received a copy of the movie with my participation with FHE Insiders. No other compensation was given, all opinions are my own. #PenguinsInsiders My son adores the karate-chopping hijinks of the Penguins of Madagascar. So does Mr. Wonder, who was the one who introduced them to him. \ I just love their names […]

Marvel Universe Live coming soon!

Disclaimer: I will be attending the Ontario show of Marvel Universe Live as part of this promotion. No other compensation was received, all opinions are my own. What little kid isn’t a fan of some superhero? Wonder Boy has grown up in a new renaissance of super heroes, where they are popping up everywhere from Lego sets […]

No to the Dark Act

I admit, when I took a look into H.R. 4432 it looked pretty good. Labeling of bio-engineered organisms (plants or derivatives)? Notification to the Secretary of Health 210 days before its introduction? Sounds right, right? I would check yes to that. Let’s look closer. Why do I care about GMO ingredients? I’ve had several discussions […]