School Life

Is your kid’s lunch bought locally?

I started digging around for information on local health after someone mentioned my county had an abysmal diabetes rate and I saw a local story about a city getting its fifth McDonald’s. My attention soon turned to availability of food in schools and the USDA’s Farm to School program. My district has almost 40% of […]

Five Things the Back to School Adult Should Know

A year ago I decided to go back to school to start a new career direction with a degree in Geographic Information Systems. I took the leap back to higher education with a couple friends heading into different subjects, and collectively there were a few lessons learned. Thinking of going back to school? Here’s some […]

Orange is the new Nude

I got a new hair color. Well, a couple of them. I had walked into the salon considering a reddish tone and some bayalage and came out in a much more adventurous two-toned haircut. And I realized that half the clothes I had in my closet, the ones fitting the natural brunette hair and the […]