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Weekly Sunshine- Swim 2014

This week on Weekly Sunshine will be just a tad different.

I adore yellow, this is getting fairly obvious around here, right? But in the summer, pools and water attract bees.

So do yellow.

I don’t do bees very well.

SO, I while I did this year get a yellow swimsuit, usually I don’t have one.

So this Weekly Sunshine will NOT be yellow themed, but instead, be sunshine themed.

Also, let’s keep it real. While I miss my bikini days they are far removed from this body right now. So, This isn’t the trendiest list, but there may be something you like (or give up and order because at least that area will be covered, right?).


I actually own this one- I just got it and it makes me happy right now. Of course, the tankini part floats up under the water, but it’s yellow and I’m more comfortable in it than I am in the one from last year that actually DID support my bust but was slightly stretched out from pregnancy and just made me feel like was 20 pounds heavier.

Oh yeah, and it’s on sale right now at JC Penney.


I love the shoulder detail of this Kenneth Cole swimsuit. It’s so girly. I would totally get a weird tan since I am so busy sunscreening everyone I tend do never get around
to myself.


This Victoria’s Secret number supports larger chest sizes and, as a girl with such a chest I love it. Navy is also great for a tan. I remembered that reading a novel way back in junior high and you know what? It’s true.


OK, so this suit, I totally had to go with the carefree boho image because the way Free People tied it made it look like a sand dollar. I love the beach so this is a win.

Last but not least. If you’re going to give up and order a swim dress, at least give it a cute name like a dresskini. Good job Land’s End.

What do you look for in a swimsuit? Coverage, support, or do you wear a tee shirt and shorts to the beach?

Weekly Sunshine – Derby fun

I was raised going to the horseraces. I would get to go for a day with Grandma and Grandpa and sit at Santa Anita or Del Mar. Grandpa would get us bet on the races win, place or show while he picked out trifectas and perfectas and all those fancy ones I’m always too cheap to bet on.

$2 bets, ya’ll.



The family advice was to bet on the greys- well, there’s no grey this year nor no Marshmallow Fluff- named one (which my brother and cousin infamously won money on when we were kids) so I’m rooting for California Chrome this year.

My parents went to Kentucky Derby and I’ve been to opening Day of Del Mar. I fantasize about those giant Derby hats ladies wear (and the not-quite-ladies who get staggering drunk, but that’s another story) and secretly wish ladylike clothes would be more in style (or maybe I need more giant boho hats in my life).

Sorry about that long sentence.

SO, I quickly glanced online and found some amazing YELLOW Derby hats to share. Because.

You guys, you GUYS. Oh man, two loves in one. My giant peacock rug at home confirms my love and this hat is amazing. I could wear jeans and a tee and still look good at the races. Too bad its already sold :(

I’d do it. Though preferably not with that lipstick. Also – I wonder how heavy it is because all that weight on one side of your head?


Sunflower Derby Hat

You guys, I looked everywhere for an original source for this one.  It was from the 2012 race and was shot by AP. I keep seeing it under ‘crazy’ hat lists but NO. IT IS SO VERY…. very.



This is something that you could wear to church then keep right on going to that bourbon-laced Derby party in. Just maybe sit in the back so you don’t shield the congregation from the cute kids singing that song? So pretty and ladylike.



There once was a girl with a curl bow in the middle of her forehead just right on the side of her head where everyone would remark how cute she was.


And, presenting the hat I would ADORE to wear to the “Run For The Roses”…


This is amazingly gorgeous. In red. I would feel like that wreath of flowers they put over the winner!

Maybe they can make it in yellow… right?

Blue Hair

At two years old he cried and refused the idea- blue in his hair.

Haircuts at that moment were difficult- when we tried a couple different places, where he was held in the chair while some cut rapidly, clippers hidden away in an effort to keep him calm.

The scissor cuts were never straight.


The offer of a rock-star blue hair style was a bribery in an attempt to even get him near the chair willingly- which utterly failed.

A step up from the normal spiked hairdo that usually dried his tears that was never reached.

His first haircuts were easy and quick- the clippers going deftly around the ears and a little spike in the middle to make toddlers happy.

Then he rallied against them, and once was even a team effort with myself and Mr. Wonder to get him in a chair without tears.

We did take a break when his first calm haircut in a year led to a cut behind his ears from the clippers.

After three his hair grew longer. Less trips to haircuts, more opinion from Wonder Boy lent to longer haircuts.

I would take him in when he started to resemble a Beatle around the ears.

Longer hair in the summer meant long bold cold streaks that came in overnight.

A wedding came and went with only a little trim in the front and around the ears.

Funny enough, as cute as Wonder Boy was with his blond hairlights that never seemed to be trimmed away I mised the buzzy cut of his youth.


Especially when it was time to wash it.


Part of it, I'm sure, was just the nostalgia or when he was a toddler.

Part of it was how much older he looked with very hair cut.

This last haircut was sorely needed and I told him we'd cut it shorter for tee ball.

No hair shoved out of the back of tangled in a batting helmet.

No worries about that morning tangle that still happened on the way to preschool most days, making me wonder why I brushed it at all.

He gets to OK the haircut, since it's his hair and I knows he behaves better if he is confident about what is happening.

So when we drove the half hour to the mall that has his favorite haircut place, I told him I'd like it short for baseball but he can have them style it however he wanted.


He said he wanted it blue.



Dancing Amazon and Zumba class

I hadn’t been able to try the Zumba class that was best for my schedule let, so when the planets barely aligned yesterday I threw Wonder Boy out at preschool and dashed to our YMCA to make the class.

I was unnaturally early, but since it was my first run I was happy.

Lil’ Wonder was dropped off in the kids room and I got lost trying to remember where the exercise room was with the mirrors where I assumed the class was.

In every other class I’ve taken being 10 minute early was essential for a good spot. In this case, you’re left alone in a room staring at the floor and warming up your ankles because you’re not entirely sure what condition they are in, yawning because the baby had another bad night of sleep.

Then I caught my reflection in the mirror and had a reminder of why I was there- the round midsection where lately I’ve gotten comments about my pregnancy (of which there is a definite lack thereof). Therefore I decided to wear a tight shirt so I could remember to suck in my gut and work those abs even more.

Posture is essential, ladies.

Right before class started the floodgate opened and a bunch of little Asian ladies and some curvaceous women came in.

Standing with the petite instructor in front strapping on her headset, I quickly realized I might be the youngest in the room, and definitely the tallest.

In a sea of arm shakin’, salsa steppin’ women in tees and leggings I was a pink- covered Amazon, little black shorts I had to pull down after every song and my tight Bethenny tour shirt making a statement where in the back someone I think I could hear a woman in sweats and a tee shirt scowl.

Zumba class was a blast. I haven’t really danced since the flash mob of 2011 and missed it so I knew I would enjoy it. My rhythm went out somewhere where I lost a little of my self confidence but I’m hoping that as I keep going I feel more secure and really get to rock it like the woman in the front smiling and shakin’ it the entire time.

You go, girl.


Part of feeling graceful in actions is the confidence and security that I know what I’m doing. I had an awkward 10-minute start with an exercise bike earlier this week that left my butt hurting and my resolve to try the elliptical next time instead.

I do best in a class structure so hopefully over the next few months I can keep this in the schedule and maybe consider another session- there’s several offered during the week, though this is the only convenient one for me.

I also enjoyed the almost 900 calories I burned in that class.

For my ladies who are exercising (who doesn’t have more of that on their 2014 list?) how do you feel the most comfortable working out? Do you feel graceful?

Did you ever Zumba?

Three reasons I’m smiling today

I hadn’t bought Glamour for a while. I missed it, but I wanted to bring down my magazine consumption and Redbook fits my life a little better right now.

However, I couldn’t pass up an article with Shakira, my favorite favorite.

I’ve adored her since her US debut and was familiar with her before thanks to a color guard instructor that listened to Spanish music while we were warming up.

I spent years wanting her hair. I can’t even achieve it if I damage the heck out of it so here I am with fine, limp ( but shiny and healthy) hair still coveting that Brigitte Bardot bedhead.


Christina Ricci, who looks like me but smaller, might just make me watch Lifetime next weekend.

She’s starring in a film about Lizzie Borden.

My can’t sleep trick is to turn on a Biography (the TV show) audio book and listen to that until I pass out.
I’ve almost exclusively done women- Joan of Arc, Pocohontas, Grace Kelly.
Lizzie Borden is in there, though I have to say the eerie music had, a couple of times, creeped me out as I was sleeping.
She is fascinating. I mean, she was a chronic shoplifter and lived in a home a generation behind in technology (that’s like a family that hasn’t yet accepted computers) and apparently got fed up with being broke and un-cool.
Set your DVR’s for some at least over-the-top dramatic music.

I admit I had a big moment when I realized how that I was turning 35 this year.

35 to me is a new checkbox on questionnaires and a recollection of a fashion magazine saying no miniskirts after 35. BUT I happened to click on a link with Sandra Bullock’s London premiere of Gravity minidress and realized that all will be right with the world.

If she can rock them at her age I certainly can for at least a few more years (first things first- lose enough weight to fit into one I already own).