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Weekly Sunshine – Disney edition


Two friends and I assigned ourselves Disney princesses at the onset of the big Disney princess thing. I wanted Belle because of her love of books and her yellow dress, but got told I could have the Cinderella stuff because I had already found my Prince Charming (MR. Wonder, who they have never known me without.)

Queue the ‘awwwwwwww’ right…. now.

Anyway, other than that bookworm Belle, turns out that a few of my favorite Disney characters also had yellow clothes on.

Here is a roundup of some of my favorite Disney fashion!

Tiana from The Princess and The Frog

Not only can girl cook, she has great taste in clothes too.


 Snow White from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

A classic ensemble for the classic princess. Primaries never looked as sweet.


Pinnochio from Pinocchio

Another risk taker- lederhosen and yellow? Definitely a way to stand out on stage!

Jane from Tarzan

I adore Jane’s sweet ensemble, but how poor of a color choice is yellow in a jungle full of mosquitos or something?

Dumbo from Dumbo

This is the only scene I can stand to look at. Dumbo’s clownish attire is just sweet in yellow.

Belle from Beauty and the Beast

A grand yellow gown was on my wish list after this movie. If I was in the running for an Oscar? I just may go there.


Christopher Robin from The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh

I used to have a yellow polo I wore everywhere. I’d so get one for Wonder Boy just so he could wear it with blue shorts too!


Honorable Mention-
Flounder from The Little Mermaid

Because he IS yellow. Rock on, Flounder!


Did I miss anyone? Which characters wear YOUR favorite color?

Weekly Sunshine – soup and salad

I made Sunshine Soup last night with Wonder Boy in an attempt for him to eat soup besides shoving chicken broth at him when he’s sick.

He helped chop the peppers, pour in the corn and gleefully salted and peppered the soup.

Not too bad in my opinion.

He still won’t touch it!


But I was curious, what kind of recipes could bring a dose of sunshine to my table?




The Domestic Blonde has a variation (but not far off) of the Sunshine Soup Nigella Lawson makes in her kitchen cookbook. Yum! I like it with a little Parmesan on top too.



Not only do I love the sunny hues of this salad in a jar, but I love the idea of a mango vinigarette. YUM indeed.



Sweet potato and squash soup would bring sunshine to a chilly day. Living the Sweet Life has a sweet idea for Sunshine Soup.



The Weight Watchers Sunshine Salad is really a dessert. Mmm, pudding.




And this salad is definitely on my to-do list. The Clever Carrot indeed with a carrot-ginger dressing for the Japanese Sunshine Salad.

Please feel free to click through to the posts to save for later or go to my Yellow Pinterest board for all of the pins.

Weekly Sunshine – March showers bring yellow flowers

This is our third spring in our house and I still don’t have a cut garden going yet.

It’s a plan I just haven’t figured out since we’ve already devoted major spots to succulents and a vegetable garden (check out my guest post on Budget Fairy Tale for starting-a-garden tips).

These cheery fellows hailed from Trader Joes. They always have great cheap daffodil bouquets in the spring that open perfect and look great in my blue Fiestaware.
Did you know marigolds (French is best) and daisies are great for your garden’s health? They attract beneficial insects (and marigolds also fight against nematodes.)
And I fell for this flufy calendula.
Forgive the lighting on my poor orchids- they really are a beautiful pastel yellow! (today its actually grey and 70 degrees in SoCal).
They were both gifts when I was in the hospital with new babies- this year one of them has ten buds and counting!

Apparently my cluttered kitchen counter has great light for orchids.

Have you started planting outside? Is there a color that dominates your spring garden?


Weekly Sunshine


Weekly Sunshine is a haphazardly-named project I am starting because I

1. adore yellow and

2. don’t talk about it here half enough.

I mean, it’s everywhere in my bios (and in my header, which I’m already starting to mess with again SOMEONE STOP ME) but I don’t write about it.

Well, for all the fellow yellow lovers, weekly I’m going to compile some of my favorite yellow things I’ve seen around the web here on the blog.

And if you hate yellow? Tough cookies, look at it anyway.

So, our inaugural Weekly Sunshine to start off a beautiful weekend…

Five of my favorite yellow things right now (images link to original source).



I mean, the name of this dress on Modcloth is Blogging on Sunshine. What better dress to kick this off right? I’d love to sit in a coffee shop wearing this. Who wants the kids?




I desperately need this sign I found at theloveshop. I get sucked into a funnel of negativity and, as The Hunger Games trilogy taught me, it takes ten times longer to pull yourself together as it does to fall apart.



Who wants to make me this mango tart? I say that because Wonder Boy devours them the minute they come home. And so do I. Recipe on Lemon Fire Brigade (click image).


This wallpaper I found on Anthropologie would be amazing in the laundry room. Which, I swear, will be so awesomely decorated. Someday.


 All I am going to say about this Tiffany yellow diamond ring is it would look awfully nice on my right hand.

And yours ;)


Seen any great yellow stuff around the web? Tell me!

This year’s birthday list

Every year I make up a birthday list, even though I rarely actually ask for the things on it. With the big 3-3 coming next weekend I figure it’s time to do a little me shopping.

But still, I like to fantasize a little- like window shopping with a purpose.

And when I (hopefully) blow out the candles on a cake, I know I will have a certain wish on my mind, but here- lets go birthday shopping!

First, I would like a necklace with my twitter handle on it. Or a bracelet. Anyway- jewelry, Twitter themed.Whatever.

Next, I would like a keyboard for my iPad. I am still supplementing my poor old computer with iPad use, when I can wrangle it away from my son. Seriously, who’s is it anyway?

So adding a keyboard would be good when it’s time to type, like the Apple keyboard (since I don’t need it integrated into the cover)  and I can put it away and give it back to him when I’m done so he can look at his beloved PBS Kids app.

Secondly, with two separate blogging events coming up right after my birthday I may end up lugging my iPad to two states the next month and feel the need to be chic about it. I am in love with this neon yellow tablet clutch. Seriously, no way to lose it, every reason to use it.

And all of that running around means I need new shoes right? Last year’s pair of target leopard-print ballet flats finally died, meaning I need to replace and I decided, this year, upgrade. Therefore, browsing Nordstrom’s animal-print flat collection online is my new hobby.Along with shopping for scarves at Modcloth.

Along with all of this looking, I want to do more looking. I love my Canon 20D that has weathered the test of time (almost ten years of dropping, manhandling, and photo shoots run by a toddler) but I’m ready for a new camera. One that shoots faster than 1600 so I can take some more rockin’ pictures and let my husband borrow it for Monster Jam. Then I’d like a new fancy camera strap. Just because. And a new camera bag. Just because.

I’d also like a little more world peace and literacy throughout the world. Especially peace and education in our own country.

And love.

What did you wish for last time you blew out birthday candles?