Chalkboard pantry update

OK, so nevermind the horrid mess of my pantry, but seriously.


I did this project as I started back to work, before I started school, and happily stuck with it.

I’m realizing that I stopped using it about November, when I got the most crazy, so I need to get back in the habit.

The boys don’t really try to draw on it a lot. Lil’ Wonder is too busy pulling bags of pasta from Trader Joe’s and beating inanimate objects around the house with them.

But I’m still fond of my chalkboard.

I want to rebuild it as a daily calendar again, and am trying out a couple more things to help keep us all organized as I make myself even more busy this semester with two classes.

Dinner is a must, and I like having my work hours on there. I want to incorporate a chore chart, but anything low enough for Wonder Boy would inevitably get smeared and drawn over if he sees brother using it.

Did any of you get in on the chalkboard paint craze? How are your boards holding up?