Plan for a Cheap Valentine’s Day Now

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I’m pretty easy when it comes to Valentine’s Day. I got trained on it after years of celebrating our dating anniversary just weeks before.  Sure, I love getting stuff for V-Day, but frankly, I’d rather feel loved often than one big show on a day.

Some gentlemen, I know, may not be so lucky.

This post is for you.


Order Valentines Flowers Now

RIGHT NOW. Do not wait until  next Monday.

Rose prices can double, and they’re about to go up. Growers have to plan ahead, they have to hire more workers to harvest, it costs a lot to ship – everything.  I worked for a short time in a local shop, and prices rose quickly after the costs started rising. But order now and you’ll most likely get the current market deal.

Don’t Order Flowers Online

Skip that online shill. There were six THOUSAND complaints to the Better Business Bureau about flower deliveries last year regarding orders that originated online. Those online ordering companies just send it to the closest florist to accept. There’s a big chance it won’t look like the picture.   They may not have the right flowers, or vase. But they don’t get the complaint, the online company does.

While you’re online, skip that coupon code you saw in an ad and instead google a florist in their town. Or your town if you don’t have one you trust. Or ask around. Anything, but skip online. You’ll get WAY better service and quality and they’ll tell you what to expect. And it may just be cheaper in the long run since you’re cutting down on their expenses ordering vases and gifts from the bigger company.

Put an original Spin on Valentine’s Day

Who needs a heart full of candy when you have a heart full of candy?

If you have a See’s tradition, go for it. Otherwise, skip the drugstore heart candy boxes and make it unique with a pinata. Can you imagine her coming home to that hanging up – she’ll be showered with kisses. Literally.Go get a bag of Hershey Kisses and she’ll be telling all of your friends how romantic you are.

Yes, you can go there with this. And with that kind of sentiment going this may be all you need. A one-hit wonder if you will.

Stay in Valentine’s Day Night

It’s a work night, so skip the Valentine’s dinner out and put all of your energy into something she can show off at the office. Or make it at home. Some steak and potatoes if that’s your thing, or order Chinese. Make them put the pepperoni in that shape of a heart. Whatever. You have a couples food ‘thing’, right?

Bonus, Get some silly romantic game so you can, well, you know. We know what you want for Valentine’s Day, boys. Please skip the edible undies, though.

Go Out Another Day For Valentine’s Day

Back to that Tuesday thing. Leave it low key and shower her with something unique and romantic beforehand. February 5th, “Swan Lake” is playing in movie theaters. It’s the Bolshoi Ballet, gentlemen. If you’re not a football fan, give her something she’ll remember as touching and unique. If you are a Super Bowl fan, well, stop dreaming of buffalo wings and make a plan now and stick in in your calendar so you don’t forget.

Jewelry For A Gift

For the football fans – look, there will probably be a million jewelry ads during that game. So be prepared she may go into V-Day hoping for sparkles.

Head over to Etsy RIGHT now and get her something unique while you support small business and avoid someone upselling you and pushing their payment plans. And Etsy stuff is pretty reasonably priced. It just needs a couple weeks to come so do it NOW.


Anyone else got some ideas for making Valentine’s Day easy and affordable?