Christmas looks different


Our Christmas tree looks a little different this year.


This year, I was at Target with my mom and the boys and Wonder Boy got to choose a new color scheme for our tree.
We’ve slowly cultivated a red and white color scheme, bright and cheery in one room, sparkly and elegant with a dash of Mickey Mouse.
So cheerfully he walked over and picked a rainbow box of balls, which Lil’ Wonder now likes to carry around the house pegging us like a frat boy with leftover water balloons.

The only other ornaments up right now are new to this year- the Elmo that Lil’ Wonder clutched through the rest of the store, the one-eyed reindeer that came home with my kindergartner from ‘elf school’ yesterday.,

Our Christmas looks a lot different too- no cookies baked or presents under the tree yet, the Christmas movies are still waiting to be watched.


Just like the ornaments that are missing, so I feel like I’ve been missing, as I balance the last weeks of school with a work schedule that leaves no time for fun and a to-do list that never gets shorter.

The only thing the same is I know I’ll be home Christmas Day celebrating with my family, Colbie Calliet’s Christmas album playing in the background and wrapping paper shreds found for a week after.

Just like the star on the tree, the shining moment that makes the holiday.

And somewhere this week we’ll make Christmas cookies to share December 25th and deliver the peppermint-scented lotion we bought for the little girl next door.

And watch The Charlie Brown Christmas Special, which around here is a perennial favorite and a holiday necessity.