Dancing Amazon and Zumba class

I hadn’t been able to try the Zumba class that was best for my schedule let, so when the planets barely aligned yesterday I threw Wonder Boy out at preschool and dashed to our YMCA to make the class.

I was unnaturally early, but since it was my first run I was happy.

Lil’ Wonder was dropped off in the kids room and I got lost trying to remember where the exercise room was with the mirrors where I assumed the class was.

In every other class I’ve taken being 10 minute early was essential for a good spot. In this case, you’re left alone in a room staring at the floor and warming up your ankles because you’re not entirely sure what condition they are in, yawning because the baby had another bad night of sleep.

Then I caught my reflection in the mirror and had a reminder of why I was there- the round midsection where lately I’ve gotten comments about my pregnancy (of which there is a definite lack thereof). Therefore I decided to wear a tight shirt so I could remember to suck in my gut and work those abs even more.

Posture is essential, ladies.

Right before class started the floodgate opened and a bunch of little Asian ladies and some curvaceous women came in.

Standing with the petite instructor in front strapping on her headset, I quickly realized I might be the youngest in the room, and definitely the tallest.

In a sea of arm shakin’, salsa steppin’ women in tees and leggings I was a pink- covered Amazon, little black shorts I had to pull down after every song and my tight Bethenny tour shirt making a statement where in the back someone I think I could hear a woman in sweats and a tee shirt scowl.

Zumba class was a blast. I haven’t really danced since the flash mob of 2011 and missed it so I knew I would enjoy it. My rhythm went out somewhere where I lost a little of my self confidence but I’m hoping that as I keep going I feel more secure and really get to rock it like the woman in the front smiling and shakin’ it the entire time.

You go, girl.


Part of feeling graceful in actions is the confidence and security that I know what I’m doing. I had an awkward 10-minute start with an exercise bike earlier this week that left my butt hurting and my resolve to try the elliptical next time instead.

I do best in a class structure so hopefully over the next few months I can keep this in the schedule and maybe consider another session- there’s several offered during the week, though this is the only convenient one for me.

I also enjoyed the almost 900 calories I burned in that class.

For my ladies who are exercising (who doesn’t have more of that on their 2014 list?) how do you feel the most comfortable working out? Do you feel graceful?

Did you ever Zumba?

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  1. January 28, 2014 at 7:57 am

    I really really really want to try zumba. Just from a video on the net or something. I get stitches after like 2 minutes of exercise I’d have to build up my stamina before doing a class. I haven’t done proper exercise for years apart from the very rare yoga session which probably doesn’t do a thing for my heart !!

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