One Small Thing – Let Kids Clean Safely


Disclaimer: ECOS was kind enough to send me a box of items to try out. No other compensation was given. All opinions are my own.


There have been a lot of adjustments the last year, as I spent time out of the home at school, then a lot of time IN the home applying for work and working as a contributor for IEShineOn and Mamavation.

I’ve been trying to get the boys to help out more at home, but getting them to pick up toys is absolute torture for me that always ends up in tears. Cleaning is a life skill and chore that I need help with as they get bigger and messier and my life spreads outwith more responsibilities.

What does work for getting them to help around the house?

Giving them a spray bottle and a towel.


My boys do light switches, table tops, door knobs, walls, staircase railings and window shutters in the blink of an eye. My eldest has cleaned all of the outsides of the kitchen cupboards and asked for more.

Getting the opportunity to spray something is what makes it fun. And by using a safer choice like ECOS,  I didn’t have to worry about what they were wearing or if they accidentally (always on accident, right?) sprayed each other while cleaning.  My 6 year old can work on his own or spray for his brother to wipe, or I watch little brother as he cleans something for me.

Usually, I don’t worry if its perfect, since they’re helping me out and learning a life skill. I may do it over later or “help” them out by helping spread out the puddle of cleaner they made spraying one spot to more of the area.

And the ECOS cleaners come in concentrates as well, so you can pick one and keep reusing the same bottle – good for the environment! I tend to mix countertop cleaner concentrate in my spray mop, which they also love to use.

If you have littles they also have a Disney-themed Baby ECOS line – I’ve used the table and toy cleaner for a while, and the stain and odor remover is neutral scented and perfect for couches to get rid of that wet diaper smell that lingers. Both of my kids have used those on play areas, rugs, and other places to help clean up.



PS – ECOS is super easy to find – from Wal-Mart to stores like Albertsons. And they use 100 percent renewable energy in their products!

Out of my box I found three new favorites for using around the house. Geranium scented laundry detergent, lemon bamboo scented dish soap, and ginger surface cleaner.