Erin Condren unboxing

I know, I’ve turned to the cute and rainbow side of the Force.

I promised myself, if I kept it together, that in a year I’d buy myself a really cute and cool planner for the family.

Up till now, we’ve been working in a big yellow one from Target, one that worked great.

We put in school dates, overnight side jobs, work schedules, family events, baseball games and everything in it.

I color coded to keep it manageable.

So for my treat I decided to use the first purchase discount and buy an Erin Condren planner. 

These are all over YouTube and blogs, with people showing off their creativity and schedules. 

I have a few weeks to decide how I’m going to organize using the planner, but until then, here is a photo tour of my unboxing. 


I chose the vertical layout so I could section off each part of our lives- whatever that ends up being. Haven’t decided yet, but I love the look! 

There’s also a folder and little pouch in the back that has some stuff to try, and I got a pen holder to stick on it, but I’m not sure if I’m using it in the planner yet.  

It feels really wired getting new stuff in the middle of the year, but since Wonder Boy and I are both in school it is fitting.