Food Stamps, Transportation and Online Purchasing

Disclaimer: I am participating in an unpaid media campaign to enact change I believe in.


My family was on food assistance for a period of time, and all I had to do was drive down to the grocery store and hand over the checks with the groceries I was OK’d for. It was a three-minute drive.

But that if you don’t have a quick drive you can do once a week? What if it involves buses to reach a grocery store, or miles of walking? Waiting till your friends needs to go to the store so you can bum a ride.


What if you are the parent and have a medical reason that hinders your ability to travel to a grocery store?

I was introduced to Thrive Market last year (I am an affiliate, signing up through the ad on my sidebar benefits me directly) and it allows me to send away for some things that, even though I am in a more urban environment, are out of my reach without a drive on a freeway or are way above my price point locally.

I mean, everything from chia seeds to coconut butter lotion (those giant pumps last a long time!) all with low cost of shipping or, when you save up for a big purchase, none at all!

When I was introduced to Thrive Market, I heard about the owners passion for bringing affordable healthy products to anyone. I have a friend who was accepted under their Thrive Gives program- her membership is free for her and her dairy-and-gluten free son.

Part of Thrive Market’s vision was allowing food stamps to be used on their site – which I can see as nothing but a wonderful option.

I live near food deserts – I practically live in one considering the one grocery store accessible is down a long stretch of highway where people have died crossing – and the ability to order healthy packaged food would be a boon to those who’s dollars right now also go into time and transportation. 30 percent of people at poverty level have a car, but three-quarters of them have internet access.


Food stamps can be used at my local Circle K – they can be used in restaurants, so why can’t an online store use them as well? How expensive is that gross pre-packaged sandwich, which is the same as a whole loaf of bread. Add some nut butter and jelly and you feast for a week. ALL available online, straight to your door.

Please go and sign the petition at to show that you support the use of food stamps at approved online merchants.


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