Goin’ on a Bear Hunt!

Goin’ on a Bear Hunt!

Disclaimer: I was given a copy of this CD to review. No other compensation was given. All opinions are my own.

When I was a Girl Scout, I spent several years as an aid helping younger girls and leading songs under the big tree in front of the lodge at dear old Camp Wi-Wo-Ca, or keeping the girls in their seats and entertained by singing them all the way home from day camp.

One of the more popular songs that came up daily every year was about going on a ‘squeegee hunt’, with the kids repeating everything back and a variety of obstacles that were acted out.

Well, Josh and the Jamtones’ Bear Hunt album is just one long squeegeee hunt of their own mixed up with silly  songs and crazy adventures.


From the “Death Valley Cornfield of Doom” to the Lightning Lake of a Thousand Sea Monsters”, each song is a step forward in the hunt for a bear (don’t forget your floaties!).

As Wonder Boy is getting older, I love that he is getting the patience to do longer activities like sitting and drawing a picture or two, and this album could be inspiration for drawing bears or maps for adventures.

This album would be awesome on longer car trips because there is a storyline interwoven among the songs of a silly bear hunt and adventures in different, silly and dangerously named places.

Here is a video of them performing one of the songs on the album (and that many people know).

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Josh and the Jamtones’ Bear Hunt! is available October 1st on iTunes, CD Baby and Amazon.