Got Milk? Nope.

When I was nursing Lil’ Wonder, we figured out early he would get horrible gas when I had dairy. So I cut most of it out, trying to cheat maybe in the morning only so he wouldn’t be up for hours during the night.
When we transitioned him to milk, we figured out that he still had some intolerance, but since it didn’t seem to bother him we just gave him a cup in the morning then switched to almond milk in th afternoon.

I really hoped he would grow out of it.

Over the last couple of years we’ve held on some lingering dairy – string cheese, ice cream, etc. and it just isn’t getting better lately, even with trying some probiotics to help balance out his digestion.

So I decided it was time to keep an eye out for sugar (juice goes right through him, literally and dairy.
So, time for a new category on the blog – the dairy-free choices that he and I (I don’t have a problem with dairy, but I decided to work on cutting out animal fats more from my diet) are making, what works, and what I get for free to try (hint hint, companies).

And I’ll totally take advice, which I already am, to find out what products I can use to keep his protein high enough and get him on the road to easily potty training.
Because I’m sick of his digestion and diapers.