Guns, laws and guns

So this morning the first things I saw on my feed was the TV reporter and cameraman shot to death in Virginia. As the story is circulating right now, a disgruntled former employee shot them, then shot himself when confronted by police (he was in critical condition).

He Go Pro’d it and posted it online.

Of course, he is totally sane and deserves his constitutional right to a firearm.

Here is a map of the last 250 shootings in the US, according to the Gun Violence Archive. These all happened in the last 72 hours. Actually, there were 280 shootings in the last 72 hours – I wasn’t able to list them all on the map.

And yes, this morning is one of them.

A great quote was shared in my twitter feed this morning, said by the same person who defended gun laws in his time.
Certainly, if he lived in this time, he would have understood the need for change.
In his time? There were war battles on this continent.
There was a vast wilderness.
There was a need to hunt for food.
As do so many other people.
Lawmakers need to understand that need for change. To strengthen laws, to make gun ownership accountable and trackable.
Not to protect the rights to carry those guns, but the rights for those who are shot by them to NOT be shot.
To do their jobs without fear.
To shop and go to school without fear.
To live without fear.

No words this time. Action.

What coat will you wear?