In my kit: Goldfish crackers, water and a ‘Shawn of the Dead’ DVD.

I laughed out loud when I saw the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s plans for zombie apocalypse preparedness.

You heard me, the CDC. a government agency is offering a zombie apocalypse survival guide.

Which made me think- either the government is developing a cool sense of humor or there is something about to go terribly, terribly wrong in the world and the government knows it (and is still performing the top-secret testing as we speak).

Forget Area 51, there is a mini Zombieland out there somewhere with a hole in the fence.

But as you read through the list, there comes the realization that it’s not a zombie preparedness list. To someone who has read some of the zombie preparedness pharaphanelia out there a list like that would include some kind of weaponry, like guns, machetes or axes.

What the CDC has done is write a humorous guide to natural disaster preparedness, zombies as a humorous way to engage readers and keep them interested through pretty basic information that has been repeated several times over the news, in articles and in classrooms. Emergency preparedness kits and plans, learning where the local Red Cross shelter would be and extra routes to leave town in case a mob of zombies are hobbling towards you.

And at the end- the CDC’s part in a zombie apocalypse, warning of the impending testing, quarantines and other devices they would use in that ‘situation.’

I’m honestly wondering if they have had some kind of zombie drills a this point.

“Hi honey, how was work?”

“Ugh, we had another zombie preparedness drill again. My whole sector got quarantines right before lunch, so we sat there starving for three hours since the vinding machine was broken. I really DID think about biting into someone’s arm for food.”

It’s kind of genius, in my mind. How may people are passing it along to their friends for a laugh? And then how many people are reading that information?

But yet, to do this the CDC has written about a fictional apocalyptic scenario and used it to share information. Sure, they’re getting the information out, but are there people who will start to really consider zombie preparedness?  Will they be the smart ones or the idiots hanging out in their basements on halloween?

(P.S. Here is the link.)

Get A Kit,    Make A Plan, Be Prepared.