Where Else I’m Found

If you do a search for my name you will find some of my freelance work, especially photography guides. Here’s some more you may be interested in…
I contribute regularly to

Someday I’ll Learn

I’ve been found before at

Moms LA

Prepping for Another

Disappointment and Pride

Udders on the mind

Christmas Trip to Legoland

Safe, Colorful and Beautiful Poinsettias: Happy Poinsettias Day

Ice cream ‘a la minute’

Who owns your online content? Judge’s ruling says it’s Twitter’s.

Does holding children back in school really help them? (redshirting in kindergarten)

Battling McDonald’s in Loma Linda

Downton Abbey returns

The Festival of Lights at Riverside’s Mission Inn and Spa

Fair Act raises questions about my son’s future education

I was a previous contributor for

The Trend Tribe

Let it Flow -Sundresses

Home with Tangerine Tango

Inspirational Fictional Moms

Resolutions for the New Year

Home Decorating TV

Setting a Table

Guest Posts

My confession for Desiree Eaglin’s Confession Friday at Sarcastic, Funny and Brutally Honest

Talking about choosing H2O over coffee for Chronically Distracted (No longer there)

On listening to my grandmother’s generation telling about their childhoods in my town for Sidney at My Mother-In-Law Is Still Sitting Between Us.  (RIP Sid’s blog)

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