Just Vaccinate

California had 136 cases of the measles with the latest outbreak, with the unvaccinated and too young to vaccinate being a majority of the cases.

Recently, a report in Science said that the measles, basically, erased immunity memory and created a window of opportunity for other diseases.

Basically, if you had the measles, there’s a good chance of you getting another disease. Another chance in the hospital, of extended illness… they even mentioned measles infections can predetermine deaths in the next 28 months.

In California, a bill just passed the state Senate and is heading to the Assembly that will disallow exemptions based on personal belief or religious beliefs to students enrolling in the school system, making California the third state in the United States to not allow those kind of exemptions.

The bill was introduced during the outbreak, and has been discussed, and protested against, and applauded.