These Kids KEEN shoes are UNEEK

Disclaimer: I was sent two pairs of shoes to review. No other compensation was given. All opinions are my own.


When I pick out sandals for my two active boys I have a couple things always in mind.

I want them closed toe, so I can protect little feet from wear and tear when they inevitably skin their knee.

I need them strong, to be worn at least all summer long.

And I want them to be comfortable so they will actually put them on.

Bonus points if my eldest doesn’t need assistance.

The KEEN Kids UNEEK has been the perfect sandal for my boys this simmer.

Or is it an open-air sneaker?

Slip it on, one little Velcro patch and we’re off.

And they’ve been everywhere from the grocery store to the doctor’s office, in the car all day and running round in the park. In water and out.


One of my sons has a foot a little bigger than the other, so when we first got the sandals it took a little adjusting to get them so where he could pull them on and off by himself.

What I’ve really liked about these sandals are their sturdiness – they still look brand new after a lot of abuse, and their open structure has helped me avoid stinky toddler feet being shoved in my face. His favorite game.

My little guy also has a knack of finding any muddy puddle in a mile. And it’s happened more than once I’ve yanked off his shoes before buckling him in. All these take is a shot with a hose and a quick dry outside and he’s ready to wear them again later.

And they still look brand new.


KEEN encourages outdoor activities and adventurous living, and this has certainly been something that’s possible in these sturdy shoes. They are manufactured in Portland, Oregon – heck yeah for USA-made!

These shoes retail for $60 but are totally worth it, wearable year-round here in California with our milder weather yet sturdy enough to protect soles in a quick round or puddle jumping after some rain.

Oh, and the UNEEK comes in men’s and women’s sizes too – with open back or a closed style that looks super comfortable to wear. I am crushing on these as a mom option – either ready to run out the door or in the trunk for a quick adventure.

Keen also makes an abundance of options for kids shoes that are resilient enough fir anything they jump in or climb on.