Kids in the Kitchen


I’ve written before about why it’s important to have your kids be involved in the kitchen (check out my posts over here on Chelsea’s page to see).

Moving from a stay-at-home-mom to a working school mom who feels like she is barely home, I’ve been leaning this way and that finding a kind of balance and schedule that allows me to keep being involved in the most important parts.

I’ve always had Wonder Boy in the kitchen. He started off in a high chair, watching. When he was bigger I let him help stir and measure, especially for cookies.

Yesterday was a rainy Sunday that I didn’t have to be at work until the afternoon, so during my shopping trip for the week I made sure to pick up something good for him to learn to make.

We’ve had a long pizza-making habit (one of the posts I am trying to dig up from the oblivion) but it requires either making or purchasing dough.

I finally remembered my Brownie Girl Scout cooking memories and brought home some English muffins to make pizza with.


It’s so nice to lay out the ingredients and be able to watch him at work (especially since the baby is struggling to get up on the stool with him) and watch his creations.

My goal for the next couple of months is teaching him to pack his own sandwich and/or lunch, to let him have a bit more control over something in his life and be a little self-sufficient. My life is a blur enough some days, and he loves helping in the kitchen.

He also makes a mean ham, cheese and Miracle Whip.

Lil’ Wonder is finally at an age where I can try to get him more involved as well, but he is still more interested in eating everything. When we cook, I allow tastes and bites of things as long as we’re cooking, without having more cheese go in mouths instead of on tomato sauce.




Lil’ Wonder was a little to eager for his muffins and was upset when I took the bowl so they could be baked.

And, yeah, that’s Jiffy blueberry mix. I keep it in stock for quick breakfast fixes and snacks in a pinch. I was raised on the cornbread and always have that around too.

It’s also super easy and a small batch, so toddler cooking can go easy…. well, easier.

I really believe getting a hand in the kitchen early is good for kids, and good training. I don’t want a kid who leaves the house and can’t cook scrambled eggs or fried rice (but I’d really love it if they cook for ME before then).

I’m considering making Wonder Boy a ‘cookbook’ of food he can do with an adult’s help, complete with pictures and his own words in it. You know, in all my spare time…

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